Marks of Intuition: the Work of Anderson Carman

Anderson Carman “Wash”, ink on bristol board, 2017

CPCC Alumni Anderson Carman has gone on to do great things, his imagination and resourcefulness shows no bounds. After leaving CPCC, Carman continued his education at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Atlanta  and received a BFA in Sequential Art. Currently, Carman is working as a children’s book illustrator for Apologia.

The work showcased in Past & Present is part of a series called “Scratch Paper”, an artifact of Carman’s drawing practice. When preparing bristol board for laying out comic book pages, he trims a 3 inch sliver off the page to size it to the dimensions he needs. Carman realized the potential of this paper trimming and used it as a place to prepare his drawing utensils. “Scratch Paper” is now a collection of over 50 pieces, each one uniquely different from the others. Some are bare with few marks and others are almost black with ink.

The “Scratch Paper” series is a testament to the art of the process. While these little slivers of paper were initially saved for a practical purpose, the process of illustrating comics allowed for them to become pieces themselves. It shows the importance of considering all parts of your practice as art, you never know what it could yield!


To see more of Anderson Carman’s work, click here.

Julie Smith’s Lunar Inspiration

Julie Smith is a talented jewelry maker. Her approach to making jewelry is to work on perfecting technique and in doing so, she has been able to create some beautiful pieces. It’s a method that seems work very well for her! Julie is inspired by the cycles of the moon which, is clearly seen here.  These two jewelry items are on display right now in the Pease Gallery. Julie uses a variety of materials to make her jewelry. The bracelet is made from brass, copper and sterling silver while the ring is crafted with copper, sterling silver and labradorite stone. Looking at the pictures below is not as good as seeing these two items in person, so be sure to stop in soon at the Pease Gallery.

Here’s Something Special from Carolyn Jacobs

These unique and creative artworks by Carolyn Jacobs are on display right now in the Pease Art Gallery. At first glance, you may think it is just another abstract painting, but it is much more than that. Ms. Jacobs is inspired by the effects mankind can have on nature. These pieces are taken from google earth images of a strip mines in Kentucky, where Ms. Jacobs grew up. All of the black seen here is made from coal collected at the strip mine. Next, the coal is ground up and mixed with cold wax creating a stunning textural effect that makes these works of art a must see in person. Stop by Pease to check them out!

Al Torres’ Image Shifting Magic

What is going on in this painting from design instructor Al Torres? Something really cool that is best seen in person! Torres creates his paintings using lenticular design. That means that as the painting is viewed from different perspectives, the image changes! This piece titled “Self Portrait/ Hope” will be on view as part of Past & Present, an exhibition of current Art faculty and their former students/CPCC alumni. Past & Present will remain on view in Pease Gallery on Central Campus through October 3.  Come by and see the magic for yourself! This is something you have got to see in person!