Kyle Worthy in Charlotte Viewpoint

Kyle Worthy and his solo exhibition “Anyone’s Ghost” (on view in Ross Gallery II through 8/7) were recently featured in Charlotte Viewpoint. The beautifully written article details his process, intent, and themes and gives great insight into the work. Kyle was also filmed for a video interview here in the gallery, in which he speaks openly about his work. Links to the article and video:

Click here to read the article

Click here to watch the video interview

Denisovan Now on View!

It’s always a thrill to open a new show! Denisovan by Heather D. Freeman, Associate Professor of Art at UNC Charlotte, is now on view in Pease Gallery.

The exhibition is a show of prints and text from Denisovan, her interactive artist’s book and smartphone app.

The story is a fictional imagining of a girl who died 40,000 years ago, whose bone fragments were found in a Siberian cave. This exhibition will explore the artist’s interpretation of the child’s relationships and day-to-day existence, explained through the text and images of her original digital book.

To download the mobile app, please visit

In addition to these beautiful large prints, smaller (8.5″ x 11″) prints and printed books will be available for purchase ($10-$15). Proceeds benefit the Art Gallery’s student initiatives and programming.

Please join us for an artist lecture, followed by a closing reception, on August 28 beginning at 4 p.m. in Pease Auditorium.

A Tour of ‘Anyone’s Ghost’

Kyle Worthy’s solo exhibition in Ross Gallery II will be on view through August 7.

Artist Statement:

This abstract body of photographic work explores landscapes of my past. While specific to my personal history, I have removed any location specific context for the viewer, thereby encouraging them to draw from their own experiences when identifying with the images.

The work is created with intentional camera movements and digital manipulations. A selection of this original work is mounted and then undergoes an extensive finishing process that has been developed through experimentation. The technique involves hand applying cold wax medium, texturizing and buffering. The end result is a photographic work that is unique and unable to replicated as a print.

Past Perfect Closing this Weekend

‘Past Perfect’ will be on view through performances of Over the River and Through the Woods this weekend in Pease Auditorium. This musical is one of many produced through CPCC’s Summer Theater program. The show will close on Monday and we’ll have a new exhibition, ‘Denisovan: Heather D. Freeman,’ up by Tuesday night’s performance.

We have loved hosting Past Perfect and can’t believe it’s already time to say goodbye. These paintings will be shipped back to their home in San Francisco next week. Thanks to all of you who came to see the show!