Welcome to Spring Semester 2017!

Ross gallery proudly presents . . .

Stacey Davidson & Jason Watson:  Doppelgängers; January 17 – February 28, 2017

Opening Reception: Wed, February 1, 6—8p.m. Ross Gallery (Overcash, 1st Floor)

Artist Lectures:  Wednesday, February 8, 6—7:30p.m., Tate Hall (Overcash, 2nd Floor)

Doppelgänger: A mannequin, a puppet, a porcelain head, a marble bust, a figurine, a doll…

Artists Stacey Davidson and Jason Watson both use these figurative forms to explore themselves and the social worlds they navigate, along distinct, but sometimes parallel, paths.  Davidson’s paintings and drawings begin with keen observation of both live models and the dolls she makes.  Her probing of these real and newly imagined bodies is an ongoing investigation of portraiture and what it reveals to both herself and her viewers.  With painterly grace, she investigates dolls not to dispel their uncanny nature, but instead to enter into its deep mystery.

Jason Watson also draws from found figures, but along with dolls, looks at museum mannequins and portrait busts made from marble, wood, and bronze.  He encounters these heads in museums and sketches them onsite, translating hard materials into lyrical drawn line, and adding to the archive of faces he later pieces together in tangled, cryptic compositions.  Found objects and fractured text animate these works into something caught between narrative suggestion and the absurdity of dreams.

**Ross Gallery is located on the first floor of Overcash Building, adjacent to the Student Commons cafeteria, and is open to students, classes, and the public Monday- Thursday, from 10a.m. to 2p.m. and by special appointment (please email Gallery Director Cassandra.Richardson@cpcc.edu).  CPCC Art Galleries are always FREE to attend.  We look forward to seeing you this semester!