Upcoming Exhibitions



2017 Annual Juried Student Show

Pease Gallery, April 3- July 13, 2017

Tuesday, April 4th
Awards Presentation: 5:30- 6:00p.m., Pease Auditorium
Opening Reception:
6:00- 7:30p.m., Pease Gallery


Matt Horick Greenroof Sculpture Presentation

Wednesday, April 5th
5:30- 6:15p.m., LRC Greenroof (Outside, back patio of Library)


MyLoan Dinh & Lee Baumgarten: We See Heaven Upside Down

Ross Gallery Sensoria Exhibit:  March 20 – July 5, 2017

Thursday, April 6th
Artist Lectures with performance by Moving Poets:

6–7:15p.m., Tate Hall
Opening Reception:  7:30– 9:30p.m., Ross Gallery


We See Heaven Upside Down is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that responds to the challenges concerning mass migration, displacement, and identity in contemporary society. Based on collaborative work initiated by artists and educators MyLoan Dinh and Lee Baumgarten in 2015, their project has since developed into an international creative dialogue that seeks to stimulate further discourse and understanding around these issues, inviting collaboration from those with both non-migratory and immigrant or refugee backgrounds.

Working to establish supportive links between these myriad perspectives, the exhibition aims at spurring moments of raw and genuine empathy towards other individuals and their journeys, forming connective tissue between a wide variety of singular experiences. In recognizing the importance of finding common ground and respecting differences among our increasingly global community, We See Heaven Upside Down utilizes this vast range of voices in order to dissolve misconceptions and prejudices that exist between those with divergent life circumstances, while providing a platform in which those who have experienced the trauma of flight can share their unique stories with the greater community. The show features contributing artists from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Columbia, and elsewhere.

This project was first launched by Moving Poets in June of 2016 in Berlin, Germany and now comes to Charlotte to headline Ross Galleries for Sensoria 2017. The exhibition, which extends its reach to include site-specific installation and performance pieces, is by its very nature a migratory and manifold experience, ultimately striving toward a greater understanding of our shared human condition and its widespread diversity.


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