Gallery Visitors


In an effort to keep visitors to the Ross and Overcash Galleries safe, secure and healthy we ask that visitors to the gallery please email our Gallery Coordinator to schedule an appointment for up to two visitors at a time.

Please email Amelia Zytka with the date and time you would like to visit. Our Gallery staff is happy to serve you!

Two New Fall Exhibitions

We are pleased to open our two newest exhibits, “Reconvene” by Keith Bryant and “Love and Gravity” by Linda Luise Brown will be open and ready for visitors.

Keith Bryant’s exciting three-dimensional sculptures are an incredible sight to see indoors and out. Bursting forth with color and geometric compositions, one cannot help but be enchanted by this exhibition.

“Love and Gravity” by Linda Luise Brown will also be featured at Central Campus. Brown’s oil paintings draw in the viewer’s eyes through her dynamic use of color and her energetic brushwork that creates beautiful abstract images. If you find yourself on campus be sure to stop by and visit the Galleries!

We are open to a limited number of visitors to view this exhibition to safely provide a space to display and consume artwork during the pandemic. Please email our Gallery Coordinator if you would like to schedule a visit with us.


Written by Scotty Townsend

Stop by our Student Show at Novant Health

 “Lunch Crowd” by Jac McGinty               “Four Stages”, by Myesha Winston


Featuring work such as Myesha Winston’s “The Four Stages” (shown on the left) and Jac McGinty’s “Lunch Crowd” (shown on the right), our CP Student Show at Novant Health near South Park is a collection of art that showcases many of our students’ hard work and dedication. Many of these pieces are currently on sale, and some are available for purchase at prices under $100, including the two pieces featured above.

This exhibition is open to the public during business hours. The medical center asks those wishing to visit to kindly wear a mask. Bear in mind that some of the artwork is in clinic spaces. The location is easily accessible and located across the street from South Park Mall 6324 Fairview Road, Charlote, NC. 

Written by Scotty Townsend






Artwork from “The Faculty Art Show”

Featuring artwork from our talented art instructors; Danny Crocco, Morganne Van Voorhis and Carolyn Jacobs (Left to right, top to bottom). If the opportunity to stop by the Overcash Gallery presents itself to you be sure to stop in and see these artworks and others from our very own CP Art Faculty members. This show is on display now through October 2.

A Collection of Works by Paula Smith

Well-known and loved ceramics artist and CP instructor, Paula Smith showcases her artwork in the Overcash Art Gallery as part of “The Faculty Art Show”, a group show featuring our talented Art Faculty. Exhibiting a unique display of design elements that are both decorative and for practical use, Paula exemplifies ceramic arts at its best.

This exhibition is open Monday – Wednesday by appointment. Please contact Art Galleries Coordinator


Two Shows to kick off the Fall Semester

While we all know our faculty is overflowing with talent and skill, we are excited to display the Faculty Art show, which showcases a variety of works from two-dimensional paintings to three-dimensional sculptures. Mama in Paradise by Al Torres, shown above, is a portrait that slowly changes into a stunning view of flowers as you walk past it. Painted meticulously on aluminum panels, Torres is no stranger to creating works that are visually interesting while masterfully capturing the beauty in both nature and people alike.

In addition to this, our 2020 Annual Juried Student Art Show exemplifies the spirit and the skill of the students of our art department. Shown above is Treefingers by Elise Williams, a wooden relief built by layering carefully painted and inked wood fragments.

We are open to a limited number of visitors to view this exhibition to safely provide a space to display and consume artwork during the pandemic. Please email our Gallery Coordinator if you would like to schedule a visit with us.

Written by Scotty Townsend

Exhibition Photos from the 2020 Annual Juried Student Art Show

If ever there was an exhibition that deserved a shout out, it is this one. The art drop off day for this show took place just days before the stay at home order went into affect. We were unsure if any of the students would feel comfortable dropping off their artwork in the midst of a pandemic and equally unsure if we would have a show. Nearly every single artist braved the circumstances and the cold weather to bring their work to the Gallery. It did our hearts good to see the dedication and resilience of our student body. Granted, we did not complete the installation of the Student Show until June as Gallery staff worked off site for three months, but it is now completely prepared for viewing. We understand many students and other visitors may not feel ready to visit the gallery yet, so we put together a slideshow featuring the exhibition.

We will be back to a regular Gallery schedule beginning the Fall semester. If you would like to see the show before then we are open for a limited number of visitors at a time. Please email our Gallery Coordinator if you would like to schedule a visit.



Keith Bryant’s Public Art Sculptures

Some of you may remember our Instagram story from last Tuesday when we installed Keith Bryant’s outdoor sculptures. Procession, seen above, features six groupings of poles with colorful adornments on top. Each pole is a different height, offering a staggered look, adding visual interest with varying levels. As the sunlight moves throughout the day, it hits the sculptures at unique angles, creating fluctuating visual effects with the light and color. This group of sculptures is on Central Campus in front of the art wing of Overcash Center.

Journey, stands on Central campus on the lawn in front of the Citizens building. If you drive down Chrarlottetowne Ave toward East 4th street and look to your right, you may catch a glimpse of it. Keith sculpted this piece using metal and bondo, a type of automotive plastic. The title as well as the curved shape is indicative of our own life journey. Certainly, all of us are going through trying times right now and can relate to the the challenges, twists and turns that come our way.

Keith, a ceramics instructor at UNC Charlotte, will also have an exhibition this fall in the Overcash Gallery featuring more of his sculptures. For more information, or to see more of his artwork, please visit his website