Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries

The mission of the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries is to expose the CPCC students and community at all of our campuses to the visual arts. Exhibits rotate from campus to campus to allow the art to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Mr. Gorelick had these words for CPCC students:  ” I hope that you will find just one thing in this exhibit (or future exhibits) that you like.  Your interest in something is yours; no one can take that away from you.”


Paintings by Jean Cauthen

Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery – Central Piedmont Harris Campus

Now through December 13

Jean Cauthen’s work is distinctive for its vivid but complex color relationships and joie de vivre. Beneath the color lies references to past artists, eras and movements, adding layers of meaning to her illuminated colors.

Jean Cauthen, “Illuminate”, Oil on Canvas

While her subject often derives from the past, the form – the sea of small, chaotic shapes to create a harmonious whole – reflects a more modern gestalt. Within that sea are complex relationships and contradictions in which she expresses order, beauty and joy. Beyond the message of order, Jean hopes the viewer responds on a visceral level to these combinations.

Jean grew up in Naples, Italy, New Orleans and the Carolinas and currently works in the Charlotte area.

For more information, pricing or to schedule a personal tour of the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries on any of Central Piedmont’s campuses, please contact: Robin Glenn, (704) 330-6869 or


From the Collection of Dr. Larry Brady

Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery – Central Piedmont Harris Campus

Now through December 13

Born and raised in Asheville, NC, home to countless artisans, Larry Brady’s exposure to handmade objects began at an early age and inspired his passion to collect more than 500 pieces over the past 30 years.

Rod MacKillop “Man in a Green Suit” 1983, Acrylic on Canvas, Collection of Dr. Larry Brady

The 39 works exhibited at the Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery at Central Piedmont’s Harris Campus represent a broad and diverse range from Dr. Brady’s eclectic selection of paintings, engravings, photographs and sculptures, and are made from glass, wood, paint, ceramic, paper, fiber and metal.

Lucio Bubacco Mythological Figures – 2009: “Daivolo con Rosa”  and “Jester con Violino,” Italian soft-glass, lampwork Glass, Collection of Dr. Larry Brady

A critical component in Dr. Brady’s philosophy for collecting is the relationship with the artist. Through his understanding of and appreciation for the materials and the process, a connection with the artist is forged.

Larry Brady enjoys living with each piece of art in his collection and sharing them with as many people as possible.




Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery – Central Piedmont Cato Campus

Carolina Landscapes 

Now through August 2

The spring and summer semesters exhibit at the Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery, Cato Campus, features the photography of Serge Skiba and wood work of Bruce Lacy.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Skiba enjoys photographing the places he travels, not only to capture memories, but also to share them with others. Skiba is always striving to learn the best techniques to photograph a landscape in order to create the best visual presentation possible. His photographs have been featured in international publications, art galleries and commercial advertisements.

Through his photography, Skiba hopes to spark a memory or inspire viewers to act on their dreams.

Bruce Lacy was first introduced to woodworking by his father more than 55 years ago. In 1970, after attending Holden School of Art in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lacy began his professional career as an engineering and architectural designer.

His love of a “good finish” is seen throughout the quality of work he delivers. While the untutored eye tries to hide the gross imperfections nature creates in a piece of wood, the skilled woodworker lives to glorify and enhance them. Lacy’s ability to embellish, rather than conceal a wood’s natural beauty, is revealed in the one-of-a-kind art works he produces.

Lacy is an active member of the Waxhaw Wood Turners, Southern Piedmont Wood Turners and The America Association of Wood Turners. His work has been displayed at the Plum Gallery; the Gregg Museum at NC State University; the Exhibition of Wood Turners of North Carolina; the Artshak in Southport, North Carolina; the Artful Living Group in Carolina Beach, North Carolina; and in a number of private collections.



Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery – Central Piedmont Levine Campus

Now through August 2

The Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery at Central Piedmont’s Levine Gallery offers new works by fiber artist, Sydney Sogol, and metal works by Mary Klacza.

Meander is reflective of how Sogol and Klacza’s paths through life and their choices in art have led both of them on a winding journey. Each have made plans for life to go in a certain direction, only to be rerouted by unexpected, positive opportunities, yet also, at times, less desirable circumstances. By learning to accept the hands they have been dealt and move forward, they have been able to progress in life and in art.

Sydney Sogol’s work focuses on exploring the relationship between color and pattern through weaving and dyeing. Her work is inspired by a fascination with nature and biology, specifically animals. Each of Sogol’s works pays homage and brings attention to the natural beauty and unique story of a specific animal or plant.

Sogol enjoys creating pieces that range from fine art-oriented to a more functional brand of art with which people can engage and interact. She relishes the idea of people forming a relationship with a piece, such as a scarf, that one uses to keep warm, or a table runner used to set the tone for a family dinner.

Mary Klacza’s collection of small, cast bronze sculptures is inspired by her fascination with the paisley shape and a reflection of how birds curl and tuck their heads into their wings while they are sleeping. While living in Arizona, Klacza volunteered at a parrot rescue. Each work reflects the personality of the rescued parrot for which it is named, while showing the calm and comfort of a “tucked” bird.

Sogol and Klacza met in graduate school at East Carolina University, becoming close friends and keeping one another sane while they each earned their Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.

For more information, pricing or to schedule a personal tour of the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries on any of Central Piedmont’s campuses, please contact: Robin Glenn, (704) 330-6869 or

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