Current Exhibitions

Overcash Gallery

Image by Crista Cammaroto


Keith Bryant

Exhibition Dates

October 12 – December 10, 2020

Artist Talk

Tuesday, October 22 11am (Facebook Live)

Sculptural artist Keith Bryant creates three-dimensional sculptural designs with a story to tell. “Reconvene,” an exhibition that cannot be contained within the confines of the Overcash Gallery, spills out into the foyer and outdoors on to Central Campus, delighting students and vistors alike. Bryant uses a diverse assortment of materials to craft his work including wood, ceramics and metal. Abstract in design, but geometrically grounded, Bryant’s sculptures share the odyssey of life’s numerous twists and turns, leading us on an extraordinary journey of adventure and hope. The  graceful lines of the artwork and Bryant’s attention to detail produce a celebration of composition, form and color all working together in unison. A belief that art is an expression of emotion that cannot express itself in words draws the viewer into the experience, craving more of what “Reconvene” has to offer. This fall show will not disappoint. Keith Bryant is an art instructor at UNC Charlotte, where he teaches ceramics, sculpture and 3D design. As a resident of Charlotte for the past 30 years, Bryant boasts a vast ring of experience in the Charlotte art scene that expands to the state and across the country.


Ross Art Gallery

Love & Gravity

Linda Luise Brown

Exhibition Dates

October 12 – December 10, 2020

Artist Talk

October 27 time 11am (Facebook Live)

The Ross Gallery is proud to present ”Love & Gravity” from Oct. 12 – Dec. 10, on Central Piedmont’s Central Campus. This exhibition features the colorful and elegant paintings of Charlotte artist Linda Luise Brown. Brown is a well-known and accomplished artist represented by The Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art in Charlotte, N.C. Drawing inspirartion from abstract expressionism and abstract expressionist artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler, Brown prompts us to look at color and form while analyzing the impact it has on the soul. The abstract colors and forms of her work invite us to embark on a journey of self discovery and imagination.“Love & Gravity” is a must-see exhibition for this fall season. During a time of uncertainty in the world around us, Brown invites us to escape from the confusion and step into another dimension. One which can be an interpretation of our own creativity.

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