Slow Art Day Recap

On Saturday we joined over 200 institutions worldwide in welcoming guests to our an art gallery as Slow Art Day hosts. The event is an exercise in looking at art v e r y  s l o w l y, then discussing how this new way of looking affects our appreciation of the pieces.

We had a good size group in the gallery to look at Amy Bagwell and Kit Kube’s work, then headed over to the always delicious Viva Chicken for lunch. A good time was had by all and we are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Congrats to Isaac Payne, BOB Award Winner

Congratulations to Isaac Payne, winner of Charlotte Magazine’s 2013 Best of the Best Award for Visual Artist. Isaac is one of our painting instructors at CPCC and recently had a two person exhibition in our galleries with Chris Watts.

In the words of Charlotte Magazine, “Payne leaves the figures in his work ambiguous and forces the viewers to project their own experiences and thoughts onto the familiar scenes.”

We look forward to showing one of Isaac’s paintings alongside work by many other talented CPCC Faculty members in our upcoming 2013 Faculty Show (May 8-September 6). Stay tuned for more details.


Kit Kube’s Artist Lecture

Thanks to all who came out to hear Kit Kube lecture on his kinetic sculpture Scree Riding with Alamente, the piece in his installation Turbulent Trajectories. Those who attended were lucky enough to see the artist toy with his piece and manipulate it in ways they hadn’t seen before.

Kit had great things to say about the short tradition of kinetic sculpture and it’s place here in Charlotte (he once restored the Tinguely piece in the lobby of uptown’s Carillon building). It was very interesting to see the way the artist interacted with his own piece, revealing a versatility in presentation that cannot be acquired through most art works.

We hope you join us for our next artist lecture by Amy Bagwell, at noon in Ross Gallery on May 2.

A Closer Look: Watching You Land by Amy Bagwell

Watching You Land

I flew down

that frontage road shaking

singing Dolly Parton for luck (for you

who would be my son’s father) squinting

searching those crazymany stars for your plane wishing

willing one into blinking and beginning (but not quickly

god not quickly) to drift

to sink.  There

you were

descending.  I knew

that sky it has no sympathy

for our smallness swells despitebecauseof

our worshipterror of its unlimits its arsenal of indianfierce

deafening winds twinopposites of wildfire and burying

snow its immodesty I could see

everything and you

falling I


and drove

weeping (like only someone

in a poem can weep) until at last we

arrived on hotheavy wheels at that happysmall

hunting lodge of an airport in Bozeman and I held you

and you (until now) misunderstood my panicdrained

loveworried eyes and fingers my notsleeping later,

after.  You were in space darling

tumbling until I

got there.

Art Department Open House

On Saturday, April 13, the CPCC art department held an open house and welcomed Charlotteans into their studios. Visitors traveled through work spaces for painting, ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, photography, design, and more, as students worked on projects.

The art department open house sign, created by student Chris Sirico

Paintings like this one line the halls of the Overcash Art building, where painting and drawing are taught.

Painting instructor Isaac Payne conversing with a student about his Van Gogh inspired self-portrait

Sculptural details in the Arts and Technology building

Visitors and students mingle in the jewelry making studio

Jewelry instructor Michael Gayk working on a sample

A sculptural work in progress by student Jodi McNeely

Ceramic instructor Paula Smith's giant turtle masterpiece