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CPCC cares about the emotional and physical well-being of our students, and the safety of our campus community.  The CPCC Care Team is a group of qualified and dedicated college professionals who respond to reports about students who exhibit worrisome, concerning, or threatening behaviors.  The Care Team is committed to a proactive approach to helping […]

The CityLYNX Gold Line provides a direct link to the heart of Uptown, connecting you to bus and light rail services, healthcare facilities, entertainment and small businesses. The CityLYNX Gold Line is a free service, so you do not need a ticket to ride. In order to keep the Gold Line safe and enjoyable for […]

Anything that causes you to take your attention away from driving, take your eyes off the road, or take your hands off of the wheel is a distraction. The most commonly thought of distraction is the phone.   In North Carolina all drivers are banned from sending or reading texts while they are driving. Common ways […]

Rules of the Road and Safety Tips for Bicyclists  Ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as traffic. In the same space as a vehicle. This puts the cyclist where others expect to see them. Riding against or facing traffic is illegal and a common factor in many bicycle crashes. Riding […]

On Saturday, January 17 at 7:45 p.m. an individual impersonating a Matthews police officer stopped a driver near the CPCC Levine Campus (on CPCC Lane near Campus Ridge Road). The suspect was driving a white Crown Victoria, with a blue light attached to the bumper. According to the victim, the suspect signaled for them to […]

RESPECT THE RIDE Motor Vehicle Crashes are the leading cause of death for 16 to 24 year olds. And in fact one of the leading reasons of death throughout life!  Some of the key factors involved in North Carolina crashes are driver inexperience, driver distractions, driving too fast for conditions, and improper or careless driving. […]

CPCC students are reporting a white man (early to mid-thirties with thick-rimmed glasses) has been following women who are either walking or running near Central Campus and the college’s surrounding neighborhoods (NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth and Chantilly).  The individual in question drives an older, silver Prelude with a spoiler. While the suspect has been primarily seen in his car, […]

SPEED A LITTE ……………LOSE A LOT  Speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors are among the highest causes for crashes in North Carolina Are you an aggressive driver putting you, your family, passengers and friends at risk?? Do you speed excessively? Do you tailgate slower vehicles? Do you race to beat the read lights or run […]

As we approach the holiday season crimes of opportunity increase.  We are experiencing an increase in cases of theft on campus.  College Security is asking for your assistance in preventing theft on our campuses. In order for a crime to occur, an opportunity to commit that crime must exist.  Nearly all of the incidents of theft […]

During news coverage of the recent suspect hunt connected to the Boston Marathon bombings, you might have heard the phrase, “shelter in place.” The term was used to tell students at MIT and residents in the Boston area to stay indoors where they were until they received further instructions from law enforcement officials. “Shelter in […]

As the 2012 fall semester approaches its conclusion, here are some safety tips to remember while on campus and as you’re out and about during the holiday season.    Typically, crimes such as robberies, burglaries and thefts increase slightly during the holiday season. Please take extra care to safeguard your property, lock your vehicles and/or […]

updated 8/15/2014 Parking at CPCC This parking article will show you where to park and how to get to all of our campuses. Take a moment to read it and study the campus maps and adjacent streets to plan your best route. Visitor parking is allowed in designated areas. Fees, North Carolina statutes and codified CPCC regulations: […]

All four travel lanes at the intersection of Charlottetowne and Elizabeth Avenues now have “NO TURN ON RED” signs to improve pedestrian safety. Take note of the new signage. Help keep pedestrians safe on campus and avoid points on your license. Running a red light could mean a penalty of three points on your license!

CPCC students, Are classes cancelled because of severe weather?  Is my campus closed because of a safety emergency? Stay informed in the event of a campus emergency by signing up for Critical Alert.  You’ll receive text message alerts and direct phone calls to get important information to you quickly. You can also check 704.330.6888 (recorded information line), […]