Spring 2014 Registration Dates

Spring Open Registration : Begins November 11
Remember to register early for the best selection!
The information below provides priority dates and times for currently enrolled students and the first open registration date for new and returning students.
If you are a currently enrolled student, you have also received notification of your assigned priority registration date via your CPCC email account.
Priority registration is for currently enrolled FALL* students in degree, diploma or certificate programs with:

·         50+ completed* credit hours – Nov. 1 (noon)
·         Active Military and Veterans – Nov. 2 (7:30 a.m.)
·         30-49 completed* credit hours – Nov. 4 (7:30 a.m.)
·         10-29 completed* credit hours – Nov. 5 (7:30 a.m.)
·         0-9 completed* credit hours – Nov. 6 (7:30 a.m.)
·         All other currently enrolled – Nov. 7 (7:30 a.m.)
For more information, call 704.330.2722 or visit www.cpcc.edu/admissions.
Note: Corporate and Continuing Education registration for spring classes begins Nov. 1 and is ongoing throughout the term. For more information, call 704.330.4223.

Do You Have Priority Registration?

Registration begins Friday, do you have Priority Registration?

The purpose of priority registration dates is to help ensure that you can get the classes you need to graduate on time. Currently enrolled students in college level programs of study will be able to register first!

Note that if you are on Academic Probation you will not be able to register for classes until the current semester grades are posted. This means that you will not be able to take advantage of priority registration. Students on Academic Warning must see their advisor to be able to register.

You will receive your assigned registration date through your CPCC email account. Check your email for your registration date and plan ahead to register as soon as possible for the best course selection!

Find more information about Priority Registration at http://www.cpcc.edu/ican/get-advised.

Attention Students: Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Is the Class You Wanted Full?

Did you know that you are probably eligible to take other general education courses? For example, many students believe that History 131 must be completed before they can take History 132. In fact, a student can take either course. The same is true for HIS 111 and 112, English 231 and English 232, ART 114 and 115 and a whole host of other options.

Students can see if a course has prerequisites, as well as other important information, by checking the course catalog here. Good places to look are:

  • Course descriptions, to see if a given course has prerequisites (pgs. 220 forward)
  • General education course options, to see what may be available for you to take (pgs. 182 & 183)
  • Transfer Degree course options, if you’re looking to transfer to a senior institution (pgs. 190-203)

Also, if you’re looking to transfer, you might find an AA (Associate in Arts) checklist helpful, which you can find here.

If unsure of which general education course is required for your degree, or if you’ve met the correct prerequisite, please consult your faculty or professional advisor. You can find your assigned faculty advisor here.

Advisory: Important Information About Schedule Adjustment

Choosing Your CPCC Classes

Choosing Your CPCC Classes

This is important information about schedule adjustment for Fall 2012.

Fall classes may be added to your schedule through Sunday, August 12.  Though many college services are unavailable during the weekend, classes may be added online through your CPCC MyCollege account at http://mycollege.cpcc.edu. Classes added over the weekend must be paid at the time of registration. Beginning Monday, August 13, approval from the course Division Director is required before adding classes to your fall schedule.

New CPCC Student Checklist

Visit www.cpcc.edu/getstarted to begin the enrollment process and learn more about the enrollment steps listed here:

Enrollment Steps
  • Step 1: Complete application
  • Step 2: Submit official transcripts
  • Step 3: Create CPCC login (username/password)
  • Step 4: Complete FAFSA
  • Step 5: Sign up to attend orientation
  • Step 6: Log in to your CPCC student email
  • Step 7: Study for or waive placement tests
  • Step 8: Prepare for advising
  • Step 9: Check your residency and financial aid status
  • Step 10: Register and pay for classes

For more information or help, contact CPCC’s First Year Experience office by email at fye@cpcc.edu or via phone at 704.330.6100.