College Security Services Campus Safety Update

In response to the two recent student pedestrian incidents at crosswalks on Elizabeth Avenue, the college has taken the following actions:

  • A law enforcement patrol will be parked along Elizabeth Avenue with flashing blue lights on class days from 7-9:30 a.m., noon to 2 p.m., and 5 to 9 p.m. These times will be adjusted to match any changes in pedestrian traffic.
  • The college has contacted Charlotte DOT with the request to repaint all Central Campus crosswalks in a color more noticeable and reflective than white.
  • The college and CMPD have requested that permanent flashing lights be installed at the crosswalks on Elizabeth Avenue. These would be similar to the crosswalk lights at Harper Campus.
  • Campus Security Directors, Student Government Officers, CMPD and Mecklenburg Sheriff Deputies, and Allied Universal Police Officers are kindly reminding students and employees to always use the crosswalks and to always be alert for oncoming vehicles when crossing the street.



If You See Something, Say Something.

Welcome to the fall semester! Campus safety is the top priority of CPCC’s College Security team and Emergency Management team.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you of the information available on CPCC’s website about What To Do In An Emergency, for situations including an active shooter, severe weather, fire and more.

If there’s an active shooter on or near a CPCC campus, would you know what to do? It’s incredibly important for employees and students to be prepared. Please take a moment today to watch this powerful video to learn about the “Run. Hide. Fight.” concept to help you know what to do if an active shooter is on campus or in a building where you are located.

Most importantly, CPCC relies on its students and employees to be the eyes and ears of the college, so if you see something, say something. If you have a concern of an immediate threat, please call CPCC College Security Services at 704.330.6911.

If you know of behavior that is concerning or disruptive to the college community, please use the online form at this site to report a concern for referral to the Care Team, which is a cross-unit group whose members consist of college staff from Student Services, College Security Services, Counseling, Human Resources and the Learning Unit.

Here are multiple ways to contact College Security if you have additional concerns:

Contact College Security Services:

  • Emergency
  • Non-Emergency
  • Text-2-Tip
    Start your message with “CPCCTIP”
  • Recorded Message Line

Important Safety Reminders

Please be assured that your safety is our officers’ top concern. They patrol our parking facilities on foot and bicycles, and in golf carts and marked patrol vehicles. It’s a vital part of our efforts to protect our students and employees, and to prevent crimes at allSecurity of our campuses.

Please contact the College’s security team at 704.330.6632 when you need:

  • an escort to your vehicle.
  • assistance with a safety or security issue.

Please contact the College’s security team at 704.330.6911 when you need:

  • to report a crime or suspicious activity.
  • to report a medical emergency.

For your additional safety, there are emergency “blue light” phones stationed throughout the main areas of campus, including the main quad and the parking decks. Please use these in the event of an emergency as well; once the handset is picked up, you will automatically be connected to CPCC’s Security team.

Please utilize these security resources any time you need assistance and remember to stay alert to your surroundings; walk with a friend, if possible; and educate yourself on prevention tactics.

Important Numbers to Know

CPCC Campus Security 704.330.6911

CPCC Non-Emergency: 704.330.6632