Achieve Success with STAR

STAR is a tool that gives you feedback about your progress in class. Twice a semester, instructors will submit STAR Student Success Reports for your 8-week, 12-week or 16-week classes.

Instructors submit an initial STAR report within the first three weeks of class and again at the midterm point of class. STAR reports are sent directly to your CPCC student email. Check your student email regularly for your STAR reports!

After you receive and review your STAR reports, you should contact your instructors as soon as possible. This presents a great opportunity for your instructor to provide specific information about your progress in class. By talking to your instructor about your STAR report, you can gain insight on ways to improve your academic performance and complete the class successfully.

You should also contact a STAR Student Success Coach to discuss your STAR reports and any other concerns you may have. STAR coaches assist you with problem-solving and connect you to beneficial CPCC resources, such as the Academic Learning Center (ALC), Single Stop, and more. STAR coaches are located on several CPCC campuses. Please visit the STAR website,, to contact a STAR coach and view their weekly schedules. The STAR website also has additional resources, including Tip Sheets on effective study-skills, time-management skills, and advice on how to communicate with your instructors.


CPCC Care Team: See Something, Say Something

CPCC cares about the emotional and physical well-being of our students, and the safety of our campus community.  The CPCC Care Team is a group of qualified and dedicated college professionals who respond to reports about students who exhibit worrisome, concerning, or threatening behaviors.  The Care Team is committed to a proactive approach to helping our student succeed while maintaining a safe campus environment.    

The Care Team strives to create a campus culture of reporting.  Our online reporting tool can be accessed from the CPCC homepage by clicking on the Safety icon located at the bottom of the screen, then clicking on Care Team.  Reports submitted through this system are quickly reviewed, and appropriate intervention strategies are developed.  The professionals who serve on the Care Team have a strong commitment to this work, and our model is based on national best practices.

If a student or situation raises your concerns, please submit a report.  “See something, say something!

View the 2013 Annual Security Report

CPCC’s 2013 Annual Security Report (ASR) is intended to comply with the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Act, as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act. It provides find important information about the college’s crime prevention efforts. This report serves as a source of information for the college community. You are encouraged to contact the departments or programs listed in this report for more information about the available programs and resources. The 2013 report is available online at

Advising Advice: Midterm Grades

Uh oh! You received a midterm report! What now?! What does this mean?!

Midterm reports are sent to students who either are not fulfilling an attendance requirement, not turning in their assignments and/or are earning low grades.

The best thing to do if you receive a midterm report is to talk to your instructor. As soon as possible!

If you are not sure, ask your instructor why you received a midterm report. Next, ask the instructor for suggestions on how you can improve or what you are missing. Remember that the last day to withdraw has already past so the worst thing you can do is stop attending or to give up. A midterm report is meant to be a wake-up call for you to improve before it is too late! Talk to your instructor about obstacles that are preventing you from success.