Update from College Security Services

CPCC has a new, three-year contract with Allied Universal Police Services, which will security officer in blue uniformprovide police coverage at all suburban campuses seven days a week. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) will provide security services at Central Campus Monday through Thursday (from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.). You will likely see more CMPD and MCSO vehicles on Central Campus as the officers are out on patrol. Allied Universal police officers will provide additional coverage for Central Campus on the days when CMPD/MCSO officers are on duty, if needed, and will provide primary service during the overnight hours, Fridays, weekends and holidays. 

The college has also started hiring its own in-house Security Officers. Currently, there are five uniformed Security Officers (see above photo for example of uniform) and they will primarily serve at the Central Campus. 

For questions regarding the new security changes, contact Executive Director of College Security Services & Emergency Management Charles Wright at 704.330.6279.

Most importantly, CPCC relies on its students and employees to be the eyes and ears of the college, so if you see something, say something. If you have a concern of an immediate threat, please call CPCC College Security Services at 704.330.6911.

If you know of behavior that is concerning or disruptive to the college community, please use the online form at this site to report a concern for referral to the Care Team, which is a cross-unit group whose members consist of college staff from Student Services, College Security Services, Counseling, Human Resources and the Learning Unit.

Here are multiple ways to contact College Security if you have additional concerns:

Contact College Security Services:

·         Emergency, 704.330.6911

·         Non-Emergency, 704.330.6632

·         Text-2-Tip, 67283, Start your message with “CPCCTIP”

·         Recorded Message Line, 704.330.6888

Allied Barton Has Merged With Universal Services of America

CPCC’s contracted security partner, AlliedBarton, has merged with Universal Services of America. The company will be named Allied Universal Security Services.

Over the coming months the college will see some minor changes due to this merger. The first will be a change in uniforms to a new Allied Universal design. CPCC anticipates no disruption in service during the merger process.

If you have any questions, please contact Charles Wright, executive director of College Security Services, at Charles.Wright@cpcc.edu.



CPCC to Operate on a Summer Schedule

CPCC will operate on a four-day week again this summer. From Monday, May 11 through Sunday, July 19, the college’s hours of operation will be 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. CPCC will be closed Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with the exception of the following facilities:

  • Overcash Building on Central Campus will be open for scheduled classes and performances only.
  • Belk Building will be open for scheduled classes only.
  • Culinary Arts Center will be open for scheduled classes and events only.
  • Pease Auditorium will be open for performances and events only.
  • The scene shop in the Center for Arts Technology Building on Central Campus will be open for the summer theatre build only.
  • Harper Campus will be open for scheduled classes only.
  • Hendrick Center on Levine Campus will be open for scheduled classes only.
  • Harris Conference Center will open for scheduled events only.
  • WTVI PBS Charlotte
  • City View Center for Cosmetology, including the Salon Clinic which will remain open for salon services

Should you have any questions or concerns when the college is closed, please contact College Security at 704.330.6632.

Active Shooter Preparedness: College Security and CPCC Emergency Management

Run Hide FightCampus safety is the top priority of CPCC’s College Security team and the college’s Emergency Risk Management. Our thoughts are with our North Carolina Community College System colleagues and students at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro following a fatal shooting on that campus on April 13.

We want to take this opportunity to remind employees and students about the information available on CPCC’s website about what to do in an emergency, for situations including an active shooter, severe weather, fire and more. Be sure to read all the way down to the bottom of the page for the full list of essential instructions.

If there’s an active shooter on or near a CPCC campus, would you know what to do? It’s incredibly important for employees and students to be prepared. Please take a moment today to learn about “Run. Hide. Fight.®” and watch the powerful video at the bottom of the page about what to do if an active shooter is on campus or in a building where you are.

For more information about emergency preparedness at CPCC, please visit: www.cpcc.edu/enterprise-risk-management/business-continuity/emergency-management.

Matthews Police Imposter Still at Large

On Saturday, January 17 at 7:45 p.m. an individual impersonating a Matthews police officer stopped a driver near the CPCC Levine Campus (on CPCC Lane near Campus Ridge Road).

The suspect was driving a white Crown Victoria, with a blue light attached to the bumper. According to the victim, the suspect signaled for them to stop and got out of the car, wearing a uniform with an unknown patch and badge. After approaching the car, the suspect, who reportedly was not armed, robbed the victim.

The victim, who was not harmed, described the suspect to police as a white male, approximately 6’ 1”, 190 pounds with black hair and a mustache.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the Matthews Police Department at 704.847.5555.

CPCC Security would like to remind campus community members that if you find yourself in a similar situation, to turn on your car flashers, call 911 and pull into a well-lit parking lot where there may be others around.

Police cars are generally well marked and are equipped with emergency blue lights, as well as a siren. Often impersonators have a blue light, but not a siren.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact CPCC Security at 704.330.6632.

Emergency Evacuation Point Signs

Fire Evacuation Point

Fire Evacuation Point

During the past couple of months CPCC Security and the Environmental Health and Safety Department have been working together to implement an Emergency Evacuation Point sign. The purpose of the emergency evacuation signsare to indicate a designated location for building occupants to go in the event a facility needs to be evacuated. The signs have been strategically placed on each campus to give building occupants a safe place to go in the event of a fire or other emergency that requires the building to be evacuated. During programmed fire drills building occupants will have the opportunity to learn their appropriate evacuation point area.

Please contact Senior Safety Technician Brian Davenport at ext. 6591 with any questions.

Thank You

Mary Kirby, an information systems analyst for CPCC, would like to thank the three students who assisted her after a fall on Central Campus. The kind students stayed by her side until CPCC security and Medic were able to arrive. She would like to extend her sincere gratitude to these unknown students for their assistance and genuine concern.

Mark Your Calendars for “Fall into Safety” Day Oct. 29

Mark your calendars! The CPCC Security Department will host a “Fall into Safety” Day on Oct. 29 from 9 a.m. to noon to help the campus community “fall” into good safety habits as autumn “falls” upon us!
A number of external agencies will be on hand to provide faculty, staff and students with information to help them stay safe and healthy. The various agencies will focus on the following information:
  • Holiday Safety Awareness (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Personal Safety Out at Night
  • Alcohol and the Holidays
  • Flu Season
  • Batteries and Household Alarms
  • Household Heating Systems and Portable Heaters
  • Cold Weather Car Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness – Home and Car
“Fall into Safety” Day is just one of the many measures that CPCC Security is utilizing to enhance college safety as it strives to keep every campus and facility a safe and secure place to learn.
If you have any questions or additional ideas about the event, please call ext. 3627.

View the 2013 Annual Security Report

CPCC’s 2013 Annual Security Report (ASR) is intended to comply with the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Act, as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act. It provides find important information about the college’s crime prevention efforts. This report serves as a source of information for the college community. You are encouraged to contact the departments or programs listed in this report for more information about the available programs and resources. The 2013 report is available online at http://www.cpcc.edu/college-security/security-annual-report.

CPCC College Security Update

CPCC students are reporting a white man (early to mid-thirties with thick-rimmed glasses) has been following women who are either walking or running near Central Campus and the college’s surrounding neighborhoods (NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth and Chantilly).

 The individual in question drives an older, silver Prelude with a spoiler.

While the suspect has been primarily seen in his car, he will make several passes as a woman is walking or running, usually doing U-turns or turning down side streets and driveways to attempt to block off or corner the woman. He will sometimes stop and ask for directions, usually to the Epicenter or North Tryon, stating that his phone and navigation are dead. He is most seen around the hours of 6-7 p.m, but has been seen during the daylight hours as well.

Please take extra precaution if you are out alone and encounter him. Please contact CPCC College Security at 704 330.6632.

Merancas Campus Overflow Parking Option

To address the parking issues at Merancas Campus, CPCC has been authorized by Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation to use Huntersville Athletic Park as an overflow student parking site.

Huntersville Athletic Park is located next to CPCC’s Merancas Campus. It may be accessed from Verhoeff Dr. and features a walking trail that connects to campus.

Students are encouraged to use the walking trail (not the main road) to ensure their safety while walking to and from their car. Students interested in having security escort them to and from their car, in the day or evening hours, may call 704.330.6632.

Theft Prevention Tips

As we approach the holiday season crimes of opportunity increase.  We are experiencing an increase in cases of theft on campus.  College Security is asking for your assistance in preventing theft on our campuses.

In order for a crime to occur, an opportunity to commit that crime must exist.  Nearly all of the incidents of theft on Campus involve unattended and unsecured property.  Unintentionally, we are creating an environment where people are simply able to pick up valuables and walk away.

By simply keeping our valuables in our possession or locking them in a secure location we take away the opportunity for theft to occur.  We all have the ability to prevent the crime of theft on our campuses by securing our valuables at all times.

Please help us reduce the opportunity for crime and eliminate theft on Campus.

Lock it or lose it.  You hold the key.

Theft Prevention Tips

  • Keep your purse, wallet, keys, textbooks and other valuable items with you at all times or locked in a secure place.
  • Phones and computers are primary targets of theft.  Never leave them unattended.
  • Never leave valuable items visible in your vehicle.  Store items in your trunk or out of sight.
  • Always lock your car doors and keep windows rolled up.

Mobile Device Security Tips

  • Use a password or access code to restrict access.
  • Use anti-theft apps or software that will allow you to locate the device and wipe sensitive data from it.
  • Consider reading this article: “Before It’s Gone: Steps to Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Personal Info” – http://www.ctia.org/consumer_info/safety/index.cfm/aid/12084

Contacting College Security

  • Program emergency phone numbers into your cell phone.
  • Report suspicious behavior to College Security immediately.
  • Emergency assistance number: 704.330.6911 (extension 6911)
  • Non-emergency assistance number: 704.330.6632  (extension 6632)