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It’s been a difficult time: a mass shooting in Las Vegas; a series of devastating hurricanes; hateful speech and violence erupting in Charlottesville, with the same groups now eyeing Charlotte; and a host of social, political, and economic tensions threatening to divide family and friends. You can practically feel the stress in the air. If […]

Registration begins next Friday, do you have Priority Registration? The purpose of priority registration dates is to help ensure that you can get the classes you need to graduate on time. Currently enrolled students in college level programs of study will be able to register first! Note that if you are on Academic Probation you […]

Registration is coming… Are you ready?! If you would like help in choosing classes for next semester or have received a message that your academic status has changed then GET ADVISED is for you! Either log in to your online profile or go to http://www.cpcc.edu/ican/Advisor_assignments to find your Faculty Advisor. Contact your advisor and make an appointment to GET ADVISED! Do […]

The Associate in General Education (AGE/A10300) degree is being terminated, and no new students will be allowed to declare this program as of December 2013.  The terminating of the AGE will not impact any student’s registration for spring, 2014, and all AGE degree students will be allowed to complete degree requirements as long as they […]

IMPORTANT: Registration & payment tools are unavailable Dec. 20-30 so register and pay today.** Don’t delay! Sign up now for orientation, even if you’re waiting for financial aid or a transcript review. Need more details? Attend an information session today. Get advised. Take charge of your future and build a better schedule by being prepared to choose the classes […]

Registration is happening now, are you in GOOD STANDING?  CPCC has a standard of Academic Progress where students must earn a 2.0 GPA each term. You can check out your Academic Standing by logging into MyCollege and clicking on “MyProfile” under the academic profile category. Scroll down and look at the box labeled Standards of Academic […]

Uh oh! You received a midterm report! What now?! What does this mean?!   Midterm reports are sent to students who either are not fulfilling an attendance requirement, not turning in their assignments and/or are earning low grades. The best thing to do if you receive a midterm report is to talk to your instructor. […]

The impact of the bombings earlier this week extends far beyond Boston. For some members of the CPCC community, this act of terrorism has a very personal dimension because they had loved ones in the area when the explosions occurred.  Yet even if you have no direct connection to the event, you may still feel […]

The Cato Campus Counseling Staff will host an information table in the Cato 1 Lobby on Monday, March 4 from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.  Students will have the opportunity to complete an optional stress level assessment, and informational handouts will be provided on topics including anxiety, relaxation techniques, test-taking skills, life balance tips and more. […]

The Counseling staff at Cato Campus will be conducting depression screenings in the Cato 1 lobby on Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 10 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Students are invited to attend and take a brief screening and learn about the symptoms of depression. Counselors will be on hand to answer questions and provide information about counseling services […]

April is Counseling Awareness Month. In recognition of this month, Counseling Services will be responding to questions about counseling. Q: How do I know when I should speak with a counselor? Many people only consider counseling support when they’re in the middle of a crisis.  While we are certainly here to help students overcome the […]

April is Counseling Awareness Month. In recognition of this month, Counseling Services will be responding to questions about counseling. Q: What is P-CAP? A: P-CAP stands for Personal Counseling Assistance Program. Students who are facing personal or academic issues can meet with a counselor at any campus in order to work together and address the […]

Beginning this Spring 2012, the Veterans Resource Center will be offering a 10-week group counseling experience. The focus of this group will be broad and it will be determined by the needs of the participants. Potential focus areas may include: the challenges of transitioning to civilian life, adjusting to the role and responsibilities of being […]