7 Fun Things to Do While Social Distancing

As COVID-19 social distancing continue, the new norm—spending more time inside, working from home or learning from home — has forced us to slow down. Being home is not bad once you realize all the fulfilling and productive things you can do.

What can you do to pass the time while self-quarantined? With your usual means of entertainment off the menu, here are 7 fun things to do while quarantined:

Connect with friends virtually

Don’t let social distancing keep you from interacting. Call someone, text them, use FaceTime. Use virtual meeting apps like Zoom and Skype to hold a virtual party.

Learn a new craft, hobby

Curious about a specific topic, interested in developing a new skill, or really anything at all? Now’s the time to educate yourself. Find your favorite topic and listen to a podcast on it. Doing something detail-oriented or creating something beautiful can be rewarding.

Get your game on

Turn off the electronics and dust off one of those board games stashed away in the hall closet. With extra time to kill, see if you can beat your family in Monopoly or and old-fashioned card game. If you live alone, pass time with puzzles, crosswords or video games and check out online gaming communities.

Stream a concert, opera or exhibit

Performers are trying to find ways to share their art with the world. With more virtual options for social gatherings, including free online concerts and digital museum tours, you can create your own sense of community.

Go for a walk, get outside

Fresh air and exercise are good for your physical health and mental health. You can walk around your neighborhood if you live in the suburbs, go to a park, go hiking or go jogging. You can leave your home in most cases, just practice social distancing (if you’re not under curfew or a shelter-in-place order).

Volunteer virtually

There are lots of communities to support right now, and although we can’t necessarily provide relief or comfort with our physical presence, you can certainly contribute in other fun and creative ways. Find local charities in need of your support online.


Now’s the time to start living your best domestic life. See what you have in your pantry and whip up a new meal. Make it a virtual competition with friends and family, like one of your favorite TV competition shows.

Parking at Central Piedmont

Welcome to the new semester!

Please consider carpooling or using public transportation, and plan to arrive early to campus to allow enough time to park and find your class. Traffic is heavy during this time of the year, and there are construction and maintenance projects on most CPCC campuses – particularly Central Campus – that could cause issues. We strongly encourage you to carpool or use public transportation as Central Campus traffic volumes adjust during the first two weeks of class (please see the CATS / CPCC transportation “cheat sheet” at the bottom of this message and attached)

Also, consider visiting your campus ahead of time to get comfortable with your parking and classroom locations before classes start if this will be your first semester with the college.

Download the CPCC app to see all CPCC campus maps – or go directly to the Central Campus map for more specific information – and follow #cpccparking on Twitter.

Here are the latest updates (please see the Central Campus map for locations of parking decks and lots):

    • Central Campus parking deck #2 – 1108 Charlottetowne Ave.
    • Central Campus parking deck #3 – 1345 E. 4th St.
    • Central Campus parking deck #4 – 1225 E. 4th St.
  • PARKING DECK CLOSURE: As a reminder, the parking deck located at the corner of 7th Street and Charlottetowne Ave. (parking deck #1), will remain closed until further notice while maintenance work continues.
  • PARKING DECK / LOT AVAILABILITY: To help with the need for parking spaces on Central Campus, students can park in any of the other decks and in all surface lots. The only exceptions are spaces that require a handicap permit,  visitor spaces, and designated maintenance vehicle or administration spaces. Also, students may not park in the SunTrust bank lot or risk having your car towed.

Get your parking decal. Local businesses strictly enforce towing. Student parking decals are available at any campus Cashiering office during regular operating hours. All Cashiering offices will have extended hours the first two weeks of the term (Jan. 14–24). During that time, the hours of operation are 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Friday. Parking decals must be displayed by Thursday, Jan. 31.

If you have any questions, please contact the CPCC Information Center at 704.330.2722 (CPCC).

Have a great semester!

The CPCC Career Fair is Thursday, March 9 – Some Last Minute Tips!

Are you coming to the career fair on March 9 at the Worrell Gym from 11-2?  Here are Career Services’ recommendations for making the most out of your time there:

·        Dress for success – first impressions count!

·        Research the companies who are scheduled to attend.

·        Bring plenty of copies of your resume.

·        Bring your CPCC Student ID – you’ll be eligible to win great prizes (including a $500 CPCC Scholarship) and get a professional headshot for your social media accounts.

·        Get a guided tour of the event at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

·        If a recruiter tells you to apply for their job online, they’re not trying to brush you off, some cannot accept resumes at a career fair for a variety of reasons. Make sure to apply online and mention that you met the recruiter at the Career Fair 

Complete event information is available on the Career Services website: www.cpcc.edu/career/fair. Use #CPCCGetHired to find more information on social media. See you there!


Last Minute Tips for This Week’s Career Fair

CPCC students should plan to attend the CPCC Career Fair, being held tomorrow (March 6) from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Grady Cole Center. If you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, this is a great opportunity to get face-to-face time with employers who are actively hiring. Check the CPCC Career Services Career Fair Employer Page to see which companies are attending. Over 95 employers from a variety of industries will be on site!

Here’s a checklist to review tonight before attending tomorrow’s career fair:

  • Review February posts from the CPCC Career Services blog. Last month we offered weekly posts on Career Fair items. From resume tips to how to dress professionally, many of your questions can be answered here.
  • Assemble your professional dress now. Make sure clothes are pressed and accessories are chosen wisely. Don’t forget a tote or professional bag (if possible, no backpacks) to carry resumes and gather employer information.
  • Practice your elevator speech. Rehearse your elevator speech in front of a mirror, friends or family. You want employers to know you’re confident and knowledgeable about your skills and qualifications as they relate to the job. Practice a firm handshake, too!
  • Research employers you plan to meet with. Use the Career Fair Employer Page to identify which employers you plan to speak with at the event. Use the companies’ websites and social media presence (Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles) to learn about the companies and prepare questions to ask.

Some items to know for the day of the event:

Arrive early. Parking fills up quickly and lines get long.

Bring your CPCC Student ID. Doing so gives you access to the VIP entrance and avoid longer lines. *Note: Veterans who bring their DD-214 papers will also be admitted through the VIP entrance

Check the weather. You may be standing outside in the early morning hours. Dress accordingly.

Plan your transportation. Parking in the Student Decks will be available (no permit required), or plan your bus route.

Arrange for childcare. Job applicants who bring children to the career fair will not be admitted to the event.

Bring a snack. Pack a small bottle of water and a snack to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Have multiple copies of your resume. Estimate how many employers you’ll be speaking to, but bring a few additional copies just in case.

Tips For New CPCC Students

The hallways are buzzing with new and returning students enrolled in the fall semester.  Classes are kicking into high gear. With so much activity going on around us, it can be challenging to stay focused on what is most important. As a Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) student, I wanted to find out what resources I could take advantage of to better my education or to simply help me stay focused during a busy semester. Here are the top five tips I found:

1. If this is your first year, or if you are returning to school after a long break, take advantage of the First Year Experience (FYE). The FYE provides services such as campus tours, information sessions and a step-by-step application process into the program of your choice.

2. Relax! Brandi Lang, a sophomore at CPCC, said, “It is not as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be.” It is important to take a few minutes out of a busy day, to spend some time with yourself. Take a walk, make a list of your day’s triumphs, or try a few breathing techniques to relieve stress and restore a peaceful mind.” Andrew Weil, M.D. says, “Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.” Attend Student Life events to relax; invite your friends! You can visit in between classes or you can go outside and breathe some fresh air. Did you know that there is a new greenway in front of Overcash on Central Campus? Levine Campus has a walking trail around the fountain in the back. Enjoy outdoor spaces at every CPCC campus!

3. Enroll in an ACA course! Collaborative Learning, English and Humanities Division Director, Laura Bazan says that the classes are designed to help students be more successful as college students and to help students to get a new start. The classes are designed to help students in different areas. ACA 111 is a short-session class called College Student Success that is about resources. ACA 118, or College Study Skills, is a semester-long course focused on becoming a master student. It reviews how to take notes, how to take tests, and how to improve your memory, reading skills and writing skills.  It also deals with goal-setting and career choices. There are three other short-term courses as well, ACA 120, 121 and 122. These courses are transferable electives and are covered by financial aid. They are available at all campuses and online as well. Bazan says that many students have said that these classes really helped launch their college careers. She says the classes can help center you and help you get familiar with the people and places that are going to be helpful to you. Data shows that students who complete the courses are more likely to stay in college and have greater GPAs.

4. If you are falling behind in classes or just have some questions about a subject you are unsure about, visit your campus’s Academic Learning Center (ALC). This team specializes in helping students like us succeed in our courses. They provide tutoring and support to help strengthen any academic deficiencies. The ALC website includes a list of the courses they can help with, along with each campus and its dedicated hours and a phone number to contact them. 

5. Last but not least, focus! “You just need to stay on the run,” says Kamau Ledbetter, a student in his second semester at CPCC. College is an exciting yet short-lived experience so soak it in! If this moment is hectic and stressful or enlightening and compelling, it will come and go. Make your experience memorable. Seek the help you need; it is accessible at your campus. Look at the road ahead and go for it. Success is waiting!


Written by Kimberly Cevallos
CPCC Social Media Content Author
Communications and Journalism Intern

Everything You Need to Know About Parking at CPCC

updated 8/15/2014

Parking at CPCC
This parking article will show you where to park and how to get to all of our campuses. Take a moment to read it and study the campus maps and adjacent streets to plan your best route. Visitor parking is allowed in designated areas.

Fees, North Carolina statutes and codified CPCC regulations:

  • Campus Access, Parking and Security fee: The CAPS Fee will cost curriculum students $97 (who are registered for 9 credit hours or more), $73 (8 credit hours or less), and $12 per class for Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) students. No student will be charged more than $97 per semester. Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • North Carolina General Statutes 20–37.6: Parking in a handicapped parking space without a handicapped placard (permit) is illegal. Using someone else’s placard when that person is not using the vehicle is also a misdemeanor. Violators will receive up to a $250 citation. If you need a handicapped placard, contact the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles for an application. Central Campus handicapped access information is available in the Office of Disability Services, Terrell Building, Second Floor.
  • Park only within lined spaces in the appropriate staff or student lot. Cars improperly parked or blocking other cars may receive a parking violation notice or may be towed or booted at the owner’s expense. Any vehicle receiving more than three notices of parking violations within a semester/term may be towed or booted at the owner’s expense. Excessive violations may result in a hold being placed on grades and registration.
  • Parking violation fees must be paid promptly. Please see instructions on citation. Send appeals to cpcc.notices@preferredparking.com.
  • On all campuses, you may get answers to parking questions not answered by this brochure at the information center on campus.
  • Sharing, exchanging or allowing others to use your parking permit to access CPCC parking lots, is a violation of NC Code. Those caught will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and students can also face disciplinary action for violating CPCC’s Student Code of Conduct.

Parking Permits

Student parking permits can be obtained at the following locations at the beginning of the term:

  • Cashiering Office (all campuses) during regular business hours
  • Central High Building, Room 122 on Central Campus, first two weeks of semester from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Parking decals must be displayed by September 1.


For all campuses

Due to the popularity of morning classes, parking spaces may be difficult to find between the hours of 9 and 11:30 a.m. You can make the task easier by studying the helpful hints and parking instructions that follow.

  • Always display your permit.
  • Expect parking to be more challenging during the first weeks of each semester.
  • Consider scheduling classes in the early morning or the afternoon.
  • Consider carpooling with a friend, especially the first few days of classes.
  • Instead of driving to campus, ride the bus. Bus schedules are available in the Student Life Center. Bus passes are sold at a discount in the CPCC Bookstore. Consider taking CATS’ Gold Rush which provides a quick connection to the Charlotte Transportation Center and the LYNX Blue Line.
  • Many streets surrounding Central Campus are one-way or have medians that restrict turns. Note the location of each parking lot and its best point of access for you.
  • All drivers who use Central Campus Lot 31 must pay when exiting the lot.
  • For easiest access to Central Campus parking deck #2, enter from N. Torrence Street.
  • Arrive on campus early for classes.
  • Take the time to visit our beautiful campuses before the first day of classes. Drive around and locate each parking lot; park and walk around the campus using the map to locate the buildings where your classes are scheduled.
  • Do not park in off-campus parking lots as area businesses may tow your vehicle.
  • Follow Twitter hashtag #cpccparking on Twitter for timely parking updates from @CPCC.

Need help?

The College Security Officers are here to help you. No matter what kind of situation arises at the College, contacting CPCC’s 24-hour Central Dispatch Station (Facilities Services, 1325 E. 7th Street) is the first step toward resolving problems. As soon as you dial for assistance, a radio call will go out to the nearest security officer. If additional help is needed — fire, police or medic — it can also be immediately dispatched.

  • Call 704.330.6911 for emergencies on all campuses.
  • Call 704.330.6632 for non-emergencies on all campuses.
  • Send anonymous tips using your mobile phone. Text cpcctip and your message to 67283.


1201 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, 28204– 704.330.2722

CPCC Central Campus


Central Campus Parking Decks:

Directions to Central Campus:

  • From Charlotte Airport: Exit Airport, left lane to I-85N • Exit right to Hwy 16 (Uptown) at mile 36 • Take I-77S. Exit 10-B (Trade, 5th St.). Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map. From Gastonia: I-85N. Join I-77S • Exit right to Hwy 16 (Uptown) at mile 36 • Take I-77S. Exit 10-B (Trade, 5th St.) • Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map. From Monroe: Hwy 74N (Independence Blvd.) right lane • Enter parking deck from Charlottetowne Ave. past Elizabeth Ave. on right.
  • From Concord: I-85S. Take right exit 38, immediate left to I-77S • Exit 10-B (Trade, 5th St.) • Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map.
  • From Rock Hill: I-77N • Exit right 10-B (Trade, 5th St.) • Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map.
  • From Hickory: Hwy 16S • Join I-77S • Exit 10-B (Trade, 5th St.). Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map. From Statesville: I-77S • Exit 10-B (Trade, 5th St.). Stay on Trade through town. Trade becomes Elizabeth, shown on detail map.

(formerly North Campus)
11930 Verhoeff Dr., Huntersville, 28078 – 704.330.4100

CPCC Merancas Campus

CPCC Merancas Campus

Directions to Merancas Campus: I-77 North • Exit W.T. Harris Boulevard • Left on Statesville Road • Approximately 4 miles right on Verhoeff Road • Entrance to the campus is approximately 1/2 mile on right

3210 CPCC Harris Campus Dr., Charlotte, 28208 – 704.330.4601

CPCC Harris Campus

CPCC Harris Campus

Directions to Harris Campus: From the north on I-77 take Hwy. 74 westbound • left on Morris Field Drive • left on CPCC Harris Campus Drive OR from the south on I-77, exit then right onto Billy Graham Parkway • right on Morris Field Drive • immediate right on CPCC Harris Campus Drive OR from I-85 take Billy Graham Parkway toward the airport • left on Morris Field Drive • immediate right on CPCC Harris Campus Drive

8120 Grier Road, Charlotte, 28215 – 704.330.4800

CPCC Cato Campus

CPCC Cato Campus

Directions to CatoCampus: I-85 North • Exit 45 East – WT Harris Boulevard • Go south 4 miles • Left on Grier Road • Right into campus

315 W. Hebron Street, Charlotte, 28273 – 704.330.4400

CPCC Harper Campus

CPCC Harper Campus

Directions to Harper Campus: I-77 South to Arrowood Road • Left on Arrowood Road • Go approximately 1 mile and Arrowood splits off to Hebron in the right lane at the third stop light • Right into Campus OR South Boulevard (521 South) • Right on Hebron Road • Left into Campus

2800 Campus Ridge Rd., Matthews, 28105 – 704.330.4200

CPCC Levine Campus

CPCC Levine Campus

Directions to Levine Campus (from Charlotte): Monroe Road East • Left at Campus Ridge Road • Go approximately 1 mile • Entrance to campus on the left OR 74 east past 485 exit • Take next right onto CPCC Lane to Campus Ridge Road and turn right • Go approximately 0.2 miles • Entrance to the campus on the left

Important Safety Reminders

Please be assured that your safety is our officers’ top concern. They patrol our parking facilities on foot and bicycles, and in golf carts and marked patrol vehicles. It’s a vital part of our efforts to protect our students and employees, and to prevent crimes at allSecurity of our campuses.

Please contact the College’s security team at 704.330.6632 when you need:

  • an escort to your vehicle.
  • assistance with a safety or security issue.

Please contact the College’s security team at 704.330.6911 when you need:

  • to report a crime or suspicious activity.
  • to report a medical emergency.

For your additional safety, there are emergency “blue light” phones stationed throughout the main areas of campus, including the main quad and the parking decks. Please use these in the event of an emergency as well; once the handset is picked up, you will automatically be connected to CPCC’s Security team.

Please utilize these security resources any time you need assistance and remember to stay alert to your surroundings; walk with a friend, if possible; and educate yourself on prevention tactics.

Important Numbers to Know

CPCC Campus Security 704.330.6911

CPCC Non-Emergency: 704.330.6632