Campus Bookstores and Food Vendors Locations Temporary Closings

All Central Piedmont campus bookstores and  food vendors locations, including  Barnes & Noble College (BNC) bookstores; Subway, Taco del Mar, Sbarro, and Calvine’s Coffee; Smart Market:

  • All campus locations of the BNC Bookstores are closed until further notice
  • All dining options at all campus locations are closed until further notice

Smart Market is Coming to CPCC’s Cato Campus April 19

Canteen, the nation’s preeminent vending services company, is thrilled to bring Smart Market to the CPCC Cato Campus, Cato III building, next week! Smart Market is a completely secure, unattended self-checkout market.Smart Market
What makes Smart Market unique is its completely secure access. Smart Market has the ability to control access to products – while still allowing customers to browse and select only those products they wish to purchase.
The system will only charge you for what you walk away with – it’s simple, safe and secure.
Each market is composed of a central kiosk and a bank of refrigerated coolers and cases that display fresh food, snacks and beverages.
Patrons will simply scan, shop and enjoy!
Cato III’s Smart Market is tentatively scheduled to open April 19 and will serve the campus’s staff, students and guests!