North Carolina Scholars of Global Distinction Program

Interested in becoming a global citizen? Join the NC Scholars of Global Distinction Program.

This honors program is a partnership between UNC Chapel Hill and other NC Community Colleges which prepares students for the global job market. Through NC Scholars of Global Distinction, students are able to enhance leadership, communication and presentation skills. Students who complete the program are exposed to globalized coursework, international events and a global immersion. These components not only benefit students educationally, but also impact them personally.

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CPCC Alumna Participated in N.C. Global Distinction Program

CPCC alumna Diana Scott, transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill after participating in the Global Distinction Program at CPCC. Scott, who it pursuing a master’s degree in social work, says her experience with the program is helping prepare her for her future career.

Being culturally sensitive and being aware of cultures and religions and races other than your own is extremely important,” said Scott. “In a career that’s very client-oriented, there are going to be clients who are different than me, and I’m going to have to understand where they’re coming from culturally, or even if I don’t understand [their culture], at least be sensitive to it.”

The North Carolina Global Distinction Program is a partnership between World View, a public service program at UNC-Chapel Hill, and community colleges across the state. World View’s mission is to help K-12 and community college educators prepare students to study and work in a globalized world. The Global Distinction Program furthers that mission by connecting community college faculty and students with global resources available at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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