CPCC Theatre presents August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone as Part of Sensoria


CPCC Theatre will present August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone on April 10th – 19th in the Pease Auditorium on the CPCC Central Campus as part of the college’s Sensoria Festival.  August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone is directed by Corlis Hayes.

Set in a black boardinghouse in Pittsburgh in 1911, this drama by the author of The Piano Lesson, Seven Guitars and Fences is an installment in the author’s series chronicling black life in each decade of this century. Each denizen of the boardinghouse has a different relationship to a past of slavery as well as to the urban present. They include the proprietors, an eccentric clairvoyant with a penchant for old country voodoo, a young homeboy up from the South and a mysterious stranger who is searching for his wife.

Seth Holly, owner of the boardinghouse……Sidney Horton

Bertha Holly, his wife….. Lillie Ann Oden

Bynum Walker, a root worker…Willie J. Stratford, Jr.

Rutherford Selig, a peddler…Tom Scott

Jeremy Furlow , a resident…Dominic Weaver

                          Devin Clark (Performs Sunday, April 12; Thursday, April 16)

Herald Loomis, a resident…Jonavan Adams

Zonia Loomis, his daughter…Jade Skipper

Mattie Campbell, a resident… Tracie Frank

                           Briana Parks (Performs Friday, April 17)

Reuben Mercer, a boy who lives next doorJerrell Joseph

Molly Cunningham, a resident…Nicole Danielle Watts

Martha Pentecost, Herald Loomis’ wife…Veda Covington

Tickets are available at the SunTrust Box Office at 704-330-6534 or online at CPCCTix tix.cpcc.edu 24/7 or at the door.. Special rate for all students $5.00 with valid ID.



CPCC Summer Theatre 2015 Announces Casts for All Shows

CPCC Summer Theatre 2015 Cast Lists



Oliver Twist                                       Bennett Harris

Mr. Bumble                                       Craig Estep

Widow Corney                                 Sarah Rose

Noah Claypole                                 Carson Palmer

Mr. Sowerberry                                Daniel Breuer

Mrs. Sowerberry/ Old Sally            Paula Baldwin

Charlotte                                           Maya Buckner

The Artful Dodger                            Thomas Young

Fagin                                                  Rob Addison                                                         

Nancy                                                 Corinne Littlefield

Bet                                                      Susannah Upchurch

Bill Sykes                                            Justin Fisher

Mrs. Bedwin                                     Megan Postle    

Mr. Brownlow                                  Eric Johnston

Dr Gimwig                                         BJ Miller

Orphans                                             Leila Wu, Emily Cherok, Evan Wright, Annabel Lamm, Anna Frances Alvarez, Isabel Kissel, Eli Fuller, TJ Kapur, Clara Head, Charli Head, Atticus Ware, Jeannie Ware, Mylie Stone, Charlotte McDonald, Walker Dixon, Bailey Greemon, Meg Crosbie, Wyatt Johnston, Forrest Prichett, Zen Bates, Haley Vogel, Aidan Clements

Chorus-                                             Kelly Kohlman, Ashtyn Hutchings, Jacob Estes, Matthew Johnson, Brady Mullis, Ashton Guthrie, Kylee Verhoff, Aubrey Young ,Amelia Cray Matt Schulman ,Jerrell Medley, Tyson Hamilton, Nick Pardo, Devin Ginyard, Amanda Delgadillo, Heidi Woodward , Hank Santos, Carson Palmer, Eric Johnston, BJ Miller, Evan Bertram, BJ Miller

Anything Goes

Elisha Whitney                                 Rob Addison

Billy Crocker                                   Matthew Johnson

Reno Sweeney                               Ashtyn Hutchings

Ching (Luke)                                      Noah Rosario

Ling (John)                                         Jonathan Davis

Purity                                                  Abby Corrigan

Chastity                                             Amanda Delgadillio

Charity                                               Posey Bartol

Virtue                                                 Susannah Upchurch

Hope Harcourt                              Kylee Verhoff

Mrs. Eveline Harcourt                     Megan Postle

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh                    Ashton Gutherie

Moonface Martin                          Jacob Estes

Bonnie LeTour                               Kelly Kohlman

Captain                                              James K. Flynn

Ship’s Purser                                     Devin Nystrom

Chorus-                                                             Corinne Littlefield, Aubrey Young, Carolina Farley, Ryan Kapur, Matt Pitts, Michael Julliard, Elizabeth Middlesworth, Alexis Harder, Heidi Woodward ,Hank Santos, Gabriel Hutson, Rixey Terry, Joey Kennedy, Kelly Kapur

Young Frankenstein

Fredrick Frankenstein                                                 Matthew Johnson

Elizabeth                                                                       Kylee Verhoff

Igor                                                                               Ashton Gutherie

Inga                                                                                Ashtyn Hutchings

Frau Blucher                                                                   Kelly Kohlman

The Monster                                                                Jacob Estes

Inspector Kemp/Hermit                                               Rob Addison

Ziggy/Shoeshine Man/Lawrence                                Devin Nystrom

Chorus –                                                                      Corinne Littlefield, Abby Corrigan, Leila Wu, , Gracie Matthews, Ryan Kapur, Noah Rosario, Heidi Woodward, Hank Santos, Gabriel Hutson, Joey Kennedy, Kelly Kapur,


Beauty & Beast, Jr.

Prince/Beast                                                  Matthew Johnson

Old Woman/Enchantress                              Alexis Harder

Belle                                                               Kylee Verhoff

Gaston                                                           Jacob Estes

Lefou                                                                 Ryan Kapur

Maurice                                                            George King

Cogsworth                                                       Ashton Gutherie

Lumiere                                             Joey Kennedy

Babette                                                          Ashtyn Hutchings

Mrs. Potts                                                      Kelly Kohlman

Chip                                                                   Annabel Lamm

Madame de la Grande Bouche                    Janelle Deal

Silly Girls                        Alexis Harder, Sophie Weiner, Posey Bartol, Susannah Upchurch

Monsieur D’Arque                                          Matt Pitts

Chorus- Villagers, Faltware,etc.                                 Leila Wu, Ashani Smith, Gracie Matthews, Carolina Farley, Carlyn Head, Amanda Delgadillo, Sophie Lamm, Elizabeth Middlesworth, Alexis Harder, Noah Rosario, Sophie Weiner, Tessa Belongia, Eli Alston, Elyssa Kim, Gabriel Hutson, Nolan Dunaagan, Rixey Terry, Isabel Kissel, Eli Fuller, TJ Kapur, Adam Cyzner, Clara Head, Charli Head, Atticus Ware,Jeannie Ware, Mylie Stone, Rylie Sickles, Caylie Sickles, Andrew Sickles, Sophie Hardy, Joey Kennedy

Boeing Boeing

Bertha                                                               Polly Adkins

Robert                                                               Brandon James

Gloria                                                                Caroline Renfro                                             

Gabriella                                             Aubrey Young                                                                

Gretchen                             Kristin Jann Fischer                                                                     

Bernard                                                             Christian Casper    

We would like to thank everyone who auditioned for us this year. We hope to see all of you again at future auditions.

Season Tickets are onsale for Summer Theatre 2015 at the SunTrust Box Office 704-330-6534 or onoine at tix.cpcc.edu. Single tickets go onsale May 1st.