Jekyll & Hyde Cast Breakdown

Jekyll & Hyde Character Breakdowns


Lead Male Character Bios


Jekyll and Hyde (Jekyll/Hyde to be played by the same actor)

Baritone/Tenor / Bb2-A4

Henry Jekyll:

Henry is a driven, focused individual. Though charming and pleasant, his focus on his scientific pursuits verge on obsession and often get in the way of what others expect of him. Many of his peers find him difficult to stomach, due to his determined nature and his lack of concern with societal expectations. He can be frantic and single-minded, though we do see a soft side to him in his interactions with his fiancé, Emma. The pair are playful with each other, and we are left with the impression that they have overcome significant

hurdles to be with each other. As the play develops – and Jekyll becomes more involved with his experiments – he growsmore insular, sharper, and almost scary in his frenzy.


Edward Hyde:

The counterpart to Henry, Edward is a brutish, stereotypical alpha male. Intimidating in his sexuality, his presence alone suggests the danger he presents. Despite his threatening appearance, something about him should suggest to the audience a sense of allure; an instinctual attraction to his strength. Charming, frightening, and suave, Hyde is unpredictable yet always in clear control of any space he occupies. Actor must be comfortable kissing on stage. Actor may be asked to show his body onstage (no nudity).

There will be a significant amount of work on physicality, so consider how you may want to exhibit this at audition stages.


John Utterson

Baritone / B2-F#4

Utterson is Jekyll’s lawyer, and his best friend. He serves as a narrator at times, though he is also a present character throughout the show. A respected gentleman, he has an easy nature and does his best to act as Jekyll’s voice of reason. He stumbles, however, in being too soft – likely due to his amiableness – and ultimately fails to keep Jekyll out of trouble.


Simon Stride

Baritone / A2-G4

Simon works as secretary for the Board of Governors. He believes Jekyll to be unworthy of Miss Emma Carew, wishing she would turn her attentions towards himself – it is clear that most other members of their social circle feel the same way. Henry’s adversary in every way. A firm, steely man, quick to snap. His behavior towards Emma is smarmy, verging on slimy.


Sir Danvers Carew

Baritone / C3-F#4

Emma’s father, Sir Danvers, acts as Chairman on the Board of Governors. He is kind and protective and tries to protect Emma in the world. He does his best also to support Henry, quietly fighting his corner when he can. An older gentleman, he is well respected and more in keeping with the traditional idea of what a gentleman should be.


Lead Female Character Bios


Emma Carew

Soprano / A3-C6

Jekyll’s fiancée, Emma, is a darling of society – at least that’s what everybody expects. She is headstrong and fierce, and couldn’t care less about peoples’ expectations of her. A match for Henry’s intellect, she is sharp and quick witted. She knows what she wants and won’t let anyone tell her she can’t have it. She is very close with her father, Sir Danvers Carew. The two have relied on each other since Emma’s mother passed away, and her sweeter side is brought out in her interactions with him. With Henry she is playful and supportive; his anchor to keep him straying completely into isolation. Actor must be comfortable kissing on stage.


Lucy Harris

Mezzo-Soprano / G#3-F#5

Lucy is a performer and prostitute at ‘The Red Rat’ club. Naturally charming, with a good sense of humor, she has an optimistic nature and thick skin. Though it is evident that she has not had an easy life, she still seems like a warm character and puts on a good front for the customers. However, in private her naivety shines through as we see her hope for a better life that is always out of reach. Lucy is written as having a cockney accent.

Actor must be comfortable kissing on stage. Actor must be comfortable with showing her body onstage (no nudity).


Secondary Character Bios



Jekyll’s manservant. Poole prides himself on being utterly faithful to Henry. A meek man, he performs his duties with unquestioning devotion.



Nellie works alongside Lucy at ‘The Red Rat’ club, as a prostitute and as club host. She has a sense of humor, and is written to have a cockney accent.

Actor must be comfortable showing her body onstage.



Proprietor of ‘The Red Rat’ and Lucy’s pimp. Sleazy, urchin like character. As his name suggest, he slips well into dark corners and crawls over the girls at the club.


The Board of Governors

Shining examples of everything Henry believes to be off-putting about the upper classes, The Board of Governors is made up of unlikeable characters who are each more pompous than the last:


Lady Beaconsfield

Soprano – F#4-G5

An unpleasant, older woman. She is a natural gossip monger, and a friend to none.


Bishop of Basingstoke

Baritone / Tenor – C#3-G4

A hypocritical man of the cloth, the Bishop is known to spend his evenings with prostitutes and look down his nose at almost everyone.


Lord Savage

Baritone – F#3-G4


Sir Archibald Proops

Baritone – F#3-G4


General Lord Glossop

Baritone / Bass – F#3-G4



The Chorus will consist of around 14 people including secondary characters. The chorus will play a variety of roles, including people of London, prostitutes at the Red Rat club, party guests and dancers. There are a range of solo lines available to chorus members.



All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Age ranges are approximate to characters but may not reflect actual age of the actor.