Oklahoma! Character Breakdown

Oklahoma! Cast Breakdown


Laurey Williams, Female, Soprano with A, (18-35)

She has an innocence and yet an air of knowledge about her. She lives

with her Aunt Eller on a ranch and is in love with Curly, though she may

not admit it.


Curly McLain, Male, Baritone with F#, (18-35)

Has a confident swagger and deserves it, he is the most handsome man in

the whole county. He is in love with Laurey, but refuses to admit it. He’s a

cowboy and the romantic lead. He is called Curly for his curly hair.


Aunt Eller Murphy, Female, mezzo- soprano, (40-60+)

She acts as the town’s aunt, a fun-loving caretaker. She watches over the

town and a ranch with her niece, Laurey and a hired hand, Jud. She sees

the good in everyone.


Will Parker, Male, Tenor with F, (18-35)

Will is a cowboy who is skilled enough to compete in rodeos. Being able to

do rope tricks is a plus. Will is a dance role, tap dancer preferred. He is

interested in Ado Annie, but isn’t the brightest bulb.


Jud Fry, Male, Bass up to C#, (18-35)

Described as dark and growly by others, Jud takes care of the ranch

Laurey and Aunt Eller live on. Jud does not fit in with the society he lives

with, he is seen by most as an outsider and misunderstood. He has

feelings for Laurey. He works hard to take care of Laurey and Aunt Eller on

the ranch.


Ado Annie Carnes, Female, Soprano Belter with E, (18-35)

Andrew Carnes’ daughter, she “Can’t Say No” to anyone. She wants

everyone to be happy. Her heart is always in the right place, but she isn’t

always the best judge of character. A comic, romantic lead, she is wooed

by Ali Hakim, but deep down she feels a connection to Will parker.


Ali Hakim, Male Baritenor with F#, (18-35)

Traveling peddler who says he’s from Persia (present day Iran). Though

we aren’t sure how much of what he says we can believe. He, like Jud, is

an outsider to this community but not feared by most. He likes pretty

things and women. He pursues Ado Annie and Gertie Cummings.


Gertie Cummings, Female, Alto or Soprano, (18-35)

From the next town over, she has eyes on Curly and isn’t waiting around

for Laurey to say no to him. She has a unique laugh.


Andrew Carnes, Male, Baritone with F, (40-60+)

He is very protective of his daughter, Ado Annie. He doesn’t want Will

Parker to marry her because he believes the cowboy’s life to be risky and

unreliable. To prove this isn’t true he asks for Will to maintain $50 in order

to have his daughter’s hand in marriage. He is a rancher, and doesn’t feel

very kind to cowboys in general.


Other  Characters:


Ike Skidmore, M, Baritone Tenor with F, Farmer, (30’s+) Owns the ranch where the

Box Social takes place.


Fred, M, Baritone, Farmer (16+)

Slim, M, Dancer, Farmer (16+)

Ellen, F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Kate, F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Sylvie, F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Armina, F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Aggie, F, Alto/Mezzo/Soprano

Cord Elam, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35) Cowboy

Jess, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35)

Chalmers, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35)

Mike, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35)

Joe, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35)

Sam, M, Tenor/Bari/Base, (16-35)



All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Age ranges are approximate to characters but may not reflect actual age of the actor.