CPCC Theatre Ticket Info

General Ticket Information for CPCC Theatre:

Season Ticket Info

Regular Season Ticket $58.00

Senior Season Ticket $54.00

Halton Theater Events

$21.00 Orchestra*
$19.00 Rear Orchestra/Front Balcony*

Pease Auditorium Events

$21.00* All seats for Musicals

$19.00* All seats for Non Musicals

Special Student Ticket

$5.00 student ticket price with ID. ( High school and college from any institution)

* $1.00 credit card fee per ticket for all credit card purchases.

7.25% sales tax applicable to all ticket purchases.

  Order Season and Single tickets Online at


Call the Box Office at 704-330-6534 Monday – Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Email: BoxOffice@cpcc.edu


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