Central Piedmont Theatre Auditions

The CP Drama Department will hold auditions for Chess the Musical (UK Stage Version) on December 2 & 3 at 7:00pm in Overcash 300.

Auditionees should prepare a song of 16 to 32 bars. Bring sheet music to audition in correct key. An accompanist will be provided. A short dance audition will follow the music audition. Be dressed to move

Character Breakdown

Florence Vassy – Female, Lead, Age 25-40, Mezzo/Belt (to E). Frederick’s chess second; Hungarian-born, she’s worked hard to become the cosmopolitan woman she is today — and sometimes tries too hard. Starts by focusing on the game (and Frederick), ends focusing on her heart (and Anatoly).

Anatoly Sergievsky – Male, Lead, Age 25-40, Baritone (to G#). Russian chess champion. Brilliant, unexpectedly charming, romantic, Married, but falls in love with Florence; must decide between duty to country and love.

Frederick Trumper – Male, Lead, Age 25-40, Rock Tenor (to C). American chess champion, arrogant, temperamental, prideful, a genius, dangerously obsessed … but somehow, we find ourselves attracted to him.

Alexander Molokov – Male, Supporting, Age: 40-65, Bass (down to F#). Anatoly’s second; KGB agent and head of Russian delegation, politically manipulative, intellectually formidable and fiercely patriotic. Russian accent helpful.

Svetlana – Female, Supporting, Age 20-40, Strong belt voice. Domestic, wholesome, still effortlessly elegant, loves her husband Anatoly but knows she can never combat his flaws and obsessions.

Arbiter – Male, Supporting, Age 30’s, Rock high baritone (to A). Judge/Referee of chess match; all business, cares only for the match and not for politics. Authoritative, with clockwork precision. Must move well.

Walter de Courcey – Male, Supporting, Age 40-60, Bass-baritone (down to G#). Marketing agent; seemingly respectable, of substance, trustworthy — but secretly a CIA agent.

Ensemble – Dancers who sing and singers who dance. A vocal and dance ensemble of 12 or more will be chosen following the audition call. There is featured dancing in several scenes and the vocals will serve as a “pop” choir in many of the solo numbers, with equal members chosen for each voice part.

Ages are only a suggestion; acting/singing/dancing ability takes priority.

All ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged to audition. You do not have to be a current CP student to audition.

A brief meeting will be held on Thursday Dec 5th to get organized. Rehearsals will begin on Jan 2 at 7:00pm.Performances are February 14 to 23.

If interested contact me at 704-330-6835 or email me at tom.hollis@cpcc.edu. Students of all backgrounds and level of experience are encouraged to participate.


Sense & Sensibility auditions TBA.

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