Central Piedmont Theatre Auditions

The CP Drama Department will hold auditions for Sense & Sensibility on February 17 & 18 at 7:00pm in the Halton Theatre..

Auditionees will do cold readings from the script.

Character Breakdown

Sense and Sensibility

8 women, 6-8 men

Elinor Dashwood: Female, 20-30’s.
The oldest of the Dashwood sisters. Rational, reserved & prudent, she is forced to be the practical one in the family.

Marianne Dashwood: Female, 20’s.
The middle sister, governed by impulse and emotion, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Mrs. Henry Dashwood: Female, 40-60’s.
Inclined to sentiment and indulges in her emotion, she is the recently widowed mother to the Dashwood sisters, and stepmother to John Dashwood.

Mr John Dashwood: Male, 30-40’s.
The son of Henry Dashwood by his first wife, and half brother to Elinor and Marianne, John is motivated by money and easily influenced by his conniving and petty wife.

Mrs John Dashwood (aka – Fanny): Female, 30-40’s.
Sister to Edward and Robert Ferrars. Born into money, believes wealth is what creates good breeding.

Edward Ferrars: Male, 20-30’s.
Kind and mild mannered, lets himself be walked upon by his mother and sister. Brother to Robert Ferrars and Fanny Dashwood.

Colonel Brandon: Male, 30-50’s.
Dignified and well-to-do. His exterior is austere, but his heart is that of a poet. A friend of Sir John Middleton, he longs for Marianne Dashwood.

Willoughby: Male, 20-30’s.
Dashing and mysterious, Willoughby easily woos Marianne Dashwood with his charm and wit.

Sir John Middleton: Male, 40-60’s.
A jolly, kind, and generous dog-lover. Upon hearing the news of his cousin’s predicament, John invites Mrs. Henry Dashwood and her daughters to live in his cottage in Devonshire.

Lady Middleton: Female, 30-40’s.
Wife to Sir John Middleton and the daughter of Mrs. Jennings. Very concerned about her children and propriety.

Lucy Steele: Female, 20-30’s.
While secretly engaged to Edward Ferrars, she befriends Elinor. Outwardly sweet, will jump at any opportunity.

Mrs. Jennings: Female, 40-60’s.
Mother-in-law to Sir John Middleton, her impulse is that of a matchmaker, longing to arrange marriages for the Dashwood sisters. Similar in joy and loudness to Sir John Middleton.

Robert Ferrars: Male, 20-30’s.
Younger brother to Edward, he is focused on money and class.

Mrs. Ferrars: Female, 50-70’s.
Mother to Robert, Edward and Fanny, Mrs. Ferrars is deeply concerned that her offspring marry well.



All ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged to audition. You do not have to be a current CP student to audition.

A brief meeting will be held on Thursday February 20 at 7:30pm to get organized. Rehearsals will begin in March. Performances are April 17 to 26.

If interested contact me at 704-330-6835 or email me at tom.hollis@cpcc.edu. Students of all backgrounds and level of experience are encouraged to participate.



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