CPCC Theatre Auditions

CPCC Theatre will hold auditions for Gypsy on Monday December 3rd and Tuesday December 4th  at 7:00pm in the Overcash/Halton Rehearsal hall Room 300.  Auditions will consist of a song of 16 bars.Accompnaist will be provides. Bring sheet music in appropriate key.

Regarded by many theater professionals as the greatest musical ever created, GYPSY is the ultimate tale of an ambitious stage mother fighting for her daughters’ success… while secretly yearning for her own. Set all across America in the 1920’s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born, Arthur Laurents’ landmark show explores the world of two-bit show business with brass, humor, heart, and sophistication.


Gypsy Role Breakdowns


All roles are open:


Momma Rose (ages from 35 – 50) The ultimate stage mother. Lives her life vicariously

through her two daughters, whom she’s put into show business. She is loud, brash,

pushy and single-minded, but at times can be doting and charming. She is holding

down demons of her own that she is afraid to face. Her voice is the ultimate powerful

Broadway belt. Minimal dance but must move well. Comic timing a must. Strong

Mezzo/Alto with good low notes and belt. (Low F to C)


Baby June (about 10) is a Shirley Temple-like up-and-coming vaudeville star, and

Madam Rose’s youngest daughter. Her onstage demeanor is sugary-sweet, cute,

precocious and adorable to the nth degree. Must be no taller than 3′, 5″. An adorable

character – Mama Rose’s shining star. Strong child singer, strong dancer and taps.

Mezzo. (Eb – Eb)


Baby Louise (about 12) She should look a couple years older than Baby June. She is

Madam Rose’s brow-beaten oldest daughter, and has always played second fiddle to her

baby sister. She is shy, awkward, a little sad and subdued; she doesn’t have the

confidence of her sister. Strong acting skills needed. The character always dances

slightly out of step but the actress playing this part must be able to dance. Mezzo

singer. (Eb – Eb)


Herbie (about 45) agent for Rose’s children and Rose’s boyfriend and a possible

husband number 4. He has a heart of gold but also has the power to defend the people

he loves with strength. Minimum dance. A Baritone, sings in one group number, two

duets and trio with Rose and Louise. Strong acting role. Baritone


Dainty June (16-24) Baby June as a young teenager. The older she gets, the less she

enjoys being her mother’s trained monkey. Strong Alto, must be able to belt a song and

have decent dancing skills. The ability to do the splits and twirl a baton a big plus, but

not a requirement. Must dance very well, taps, strong Broadway teen singer, close

harmony skills preferred. (A flat to D)


Young Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee (18 – 25) Baby Louise as a teenager, who grows up to be Gypsy Rose Lee. Still pushed aside by Madam Rose in favor of June, until she herself becomes

her mother’s new pet project. Should be able to move well. Minimum actual dance but

must have very strong movement skills, strong acting skills needed. Must be able to

portray both the awkward teen and a sophisticated woman we know now as Gypsy

Rose Lee. Must dance inside a dancing cow costume, must be comfortable with the

character’s profession – stripping. The character is very scantily clad but never actual

appears in the nude. Mezzo (needs light sound for “little Lamb” and belt for “Let Me

Entertain You.” (C sharp to E flat)


Dressy Tessie Tura (20s-40s) a stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Mezzo

Belt), strong movement/dance, ballet training helpful. A burlesque dancer that shares

her dressing room with Louise. She was once a ballerina and still has some of the

moves. A course broad who’s been around the block. Very funny.( C# to D Flat)



Mazeppa (20s-40s) a stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Alto Belt),

strong movement/dance, powerful character. A burlesque dancer who’s tough and

physically intimidating. Trumpet playing skills would be outstanding but not required.( G (below middle C) to B Flat)


Electra (20s-40s) a stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Mezzo Belt),

strong movement/dance. Quieter than her counterparts but her costume is wired with

lights, allowing her to “shine” without working up a sweat. Ditzy and sweet. (B Flat to D)


Cratchitt (any age over 20) the production assistant for the Grantzinger theater, N.Y.C.

The comedic role.


Children’s Ensemble (ages 10 -12) Two or three young boys and one young girl. Baby

June’s back up dancers and singers. Ability of one child to play accordion or clarinet a

plus. Must sing and dance. (E to E)


Young Women’s Ensemble (ages 20 – 30) singer/dancers who act as both the back up

dancers for Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee and perform in the large burlesque numbers in the

second act. Strong dancers. Some comic skills very helpful. Very minimal singing. A few

have minor expanded roles.


Agnes (20-30) one of the women’s dancing chorus, strong comic skills required.( G to G)


Young Men’s Ensemble (ages 16 -20) Six young men sing and dance backup for teenage

June, plus join in the number “Have an Eggroll, Mr. Goldstone.” Should be strong

singers and dancers. Will double as small parts in Act I and Act II, plus some backup

dancing in Gypsy’s strip routine. Must be very strong dancers and singers. Comic time

preferred. (G to G)


Tulsa (age 17 – 20) Boy-next-door type. Strives to break out of the troupe with an act

of his own. Sings and dances “All I Need Is the Girl.” Extremely strong dancer in all

styles of show dance including tap. Good singer, charming, very athletic and handsome

young man. High Baritone. (F to G)


Mr. Goldstone (any age over 30) Booking agent for the Orpheum Theater Circuit.

Chaplin-like skills a must. Never speaks.


Cigar (adult male, age 30-50) rather aggressive owner of a burlesque theatre, Classic

character part.


Pastey (any age) Cigar’s stage manager.


Chowsie A small dog (with a good temperament).

Rehearsals will begin on January 2nd.. Normal rehearsal pattern is Sunday afternoons 2:00pm to 5pm and Monday  – Thursday evening 7:00pm to 9:30pm.  Performances run February 15 – 24 in the Halton Theatre.


For questions or information contact Tom Hollis by email tom.hollis@cpcc.edu or call 704-330-6835.

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