Peter Pan Jr. Character Breakdown

PETER PAN is a boy without a care in the world. Originally written for and cast as a female, this role is for a girl with a soaring can-do spirit who most certainly “won’t grow up!” Looking for a young lady who can do it all: act, sing, and be as physical as the part demands.

WENDY is the eldest of the Darling children and has a certain maternal quality. Wendy is very bright, ever-practical and ready for an adventure! Looking for a young lady with a warm presence and great singing voice.

JOHN is the middle Darling child and has an amicable and open presence. He is a little more proper than his younger brother. Looking for a good actor and singer who is the perfect complement to his siblings.

MICHAEL is the youngest Darling children and seems to have unlimited energy. Looking for a good actor who can easily portray the youngest and most stubborn of the Darling children.

MRS. DARLING is the mother of Wendy, John and Michael, and is able to manage the entire household with ease. Looking for a young lady who is an experienced actress/singer and “reads” onstage as an older character. Mrs. Darling appears in only the beginning and end of Peter Pan Jr. Songs: Neverland, Tender Shepherd

Mr. DARLING is the father of Wendy, John and Michael, and he is a man with one concern: Keeping his house in order. Looking for a young man with an older presence who is a perfect complement to Mrs. Darling.

LIZA is the Darling’s housekeeper who always seems to be in a bit of a frenzy as she tries to keep everyone pleased. This is a great cameo role for a young lady who can make strong character choices.

TIGER LILY is the fearless leader of the Brave Girls. Looking for a young lady who can command the stage and is a good actor, singer and dancer.

The BRAVE GIRLS are a group of Neverland inhabitants. They are a fun bunch of girls who are as strong as they are kind. Looking for a group of young ladies who are proficient movers as well as competent singers.

The LOST BOYS are a group of lads who live in Neverland without a care in the world and are highly energetic! Looking for advanced performers (and good singers) in the roles of NIBS, SLIGHTLY, CURLEY, TOOTLES, TWIN #1 And TWIN #2.

The PIRATES are a gaggle of villains who are looking to cause some trouble. Looking for a group of young performers, male, female or both that can act, move well, and aren’t afraid to sing! NOODLER, JUKES, CECCO (CHEH-ko) and STARKEY are all great roles for young performers to make strong acting choices.

SMEE is Captain Hook’s sidekick who wants nothing more than to see Captain Hook succeed in his evil plotting. Looking for someone who is a solid actor and a great complement for Captain Hook.

CAPTAIN HOOK, the leader of the Pirates, has a bone to pick . . . or rather a Peter Pan to hook! This is the perfect role for a young performer who can sing and act, but above all, has great comedic timing. Though Captain Hook is the villain of the show, he’s also a bit of a clown who just can’t seem to get what he wants. He has to be as treacherous to the Lost Boys as he is a complete wimp around the Crocodile.

NANA is a dog but we are looking for someone who is unafraid to jump in and play this iconic part of the story. This performer should have a knack for physicality and be comfortable making bold acting choices. Nana only barks and wears a dog costume.

The CROCODILE is a silent part for someone who can become the wickedest beast that ever was! Needs great physical stamina. No lines or singing. Will wear a crocodile costume. And can crawl on his/her belly up and down the steps and across the stage.

All ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Characters vary in age. Age of the character does not necessarily match the age of the actor.  Many of the characters will be doubled.