Intern Auditions

Intern Auditions

Auditions for current High School interns 14 to 18 will be held on February 16th from 9:00am to 4:00pm in the Halton Theatre. Appointments required. Call number below starting Feb 1st to make an appointment.

Auditionees need a prepared song and monologue (no more than 90 seconds). 16 bars of song prefered. Be prepared to dance. An accompanist will be provided. No CD or taped accompaniment. Bring music in appropriate key. It takes approximately half a day to audition song, monologue and dance.

What is a CPCC Summer Theatre Intern? 
Interns are performers and technicians who are from 14 to 18 years of  age who are still in school or have graduated this summer. They will  work  both onstage and backstage with seasoned professionals in all aspects of theatre production.

What does it cost? 
It is free to be a CPCC Summer Theatre Intern.

What is my time commitment?
It depends on the level of involvement of the intern as to how much time is involved. Summer Theatre begins its work on May 20th with the arrival of the technical crews. Since this is prior to most school’s summer vacations most interns begin working when they finish school for the year in June. Technical work is done primarily during the regular 9 to 5 work day. Interns are expected to work on the running crew of at least one show each summer.  This is an evening commitment. Any intern working on a show must be present at all technical rehearsals and performances. Generally working on an individual show is a four week commitment from the start of rehearsal until the final performance.

If an intern is cast in a show then daytime rehearsal runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm with a one hour lunch break. Rehearsals can run 7 days a week. The final week of rehearsal involves technical/dress rehearsals that will normally occur in the evening. These rehearsals can sometimes run until 11:00pm. The exception to this is when an intern is cast in the Children’s musical. All rehearsal and performance occurs during the day.

Theatre is a very time intensive enterprise. Interns are expected to be present at all crew calls, rehearsals and performances to which they have been assigned.

How do I become an intern? 
Interns are chosen two ways. For interns who are only interested in technical work there is an interview and test of their technical skills. For interns who are interested in performance an audition is required. The audition consists of a 90 second audition that is a combination of a monologue and  song(16 bars)  folloowed by a separte dance audition. All performance interns are expected to work backstage at some time during the summer.

What do I get paid?

By there very nature internships are unpaid volunteers.

Auditions by Appointment

Please call 704-330-6835 or email starting February 1st to make an appointment or for more info.

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