It’s Not Too Late to Enroll for the Fall Semester!

It's not too late! Fall 2017 Short Session








New sections of some of the most high-demand classes are open now.

  • New sessions start on:
    • October 16 (2nd 8-week and 3rd 4-week sessions)
    • November 13 (4th 4-week session)

You may still apply for financial aid for short sessions and must take any necessary placement tests, attend orientation and register for these classes.

New students can visit the Get Started webpage today.

Returning AAS (Associate in Applied Science) degree students should meet with their faculty advisor now.

All other returning students should make an appointment today to meet with their advisor.


Tuition bills are due every Monday for anyone who registers the week prior.  If payment is not received by this date (and a financial aid award is in not in the system) students will be de-registered from their classes.

CPCC Adds Additional 12-Week, Short-Session Classes; Many are High-Demand Courses

Students seeking new sections of the college’s most high-demand courses, such as math, English, history, Spanish, psychology and more, need to look no further. The college has added additional 12-week course sections to its list of fall 2016 offerings in response to student demand. Classes begin Monday, Sept. 12.

To view the complete list, please see the image below. For additional information on these sections or to register, please visit Schedule Builder.


Second Short Session of the Spring Term

Registration is open now. Students who need to pick up another class or want to complete their schedule for the spring semester should investigate the opportunities online or talk with a counselor in one of CPCC’s Student Success Centers today. Classes in the second short session start March 12.

To register for second short session classes:

  1. Visit CPCC’s online “Schedule Builder” at
  2. Enter a keyword or course prefix in the search box.
  3. Click on the “Show Advanced Search” if you’d like to filter results by date, campus, or delivery.
  4. Click on the “Search” button to view matching results and current course offerings.