Respiratory Therapy Students Win the 2014 Gladiator Competition Trophy for Second Consecutive Year

Northwest AHECs hosts a two-day Respiratory Therapy Conference in Blowing Rock, N.C., every February. Approximately 12 other North Carolina community colleges attend, as well as respiratory therapists from hospitals across the state.
The conference hosts a Respiratory Gladiator Competition. The timed event mimics real-life scenarios consisting of three-person teams moving through four skill stations: drawing arterial blood from a manikin’s arm, placing a breathing tube in a manikin, connecting the manikin to a mechanical ventilator (breathing machine), and conducting a patient assessment.
CPCC entered two teams into the competition this year and took first and fourth place. The first place team correctly performed each skill in 5:47, while the third place team did it in 7:47!
This is just the second time CPCC students placed first in the 20 years that the competition has been held. We are so proud of the team members for such an excellent job.
Team 1: Stuart Moore, Tiffini Carrington, Alie Hemperly (alternate), and Adam Pike
Team 2: Jamal Peay, Kelly Ciaramella, James Phillips (alternate), and Kelley Creed
2014 Gladiator Winners

2014 Gladiator Winners

CPCC Students Take Top Honors in Gladiator Competition

Students enrolled in CPCC’s Respiratory Therapy program received first and third place honors in the annual High Country Conference on Respiratory Care’s Gladiator Competition, held in Blowing Rock, N.C., February 21-23. This accomplishment marks the first time a CPCC team has won first place in the competition’s 19-year history.
During this year’s Gladiator event, 12, three-person teams from the state’s community college system competed against one another for the coveted title – 2013 Gladiator champion. The competition is a timed event that mimics a series of real-life traumas. Teams must complete a series of health scenarios, such as drawing arterial blood from a manikin’s arm to successfully placing a breathing tube in a manikin, in the least amount of time. The team with the lowest time, wins.
Team one from CPCC, comprised of Nick Reid, Justin Bolens and Stuart Moore, performed each skill perfectly in just five minutes, 30 seconds. Placing third, with a time of six minutes, thirty seconds, was team two from CPCC, Jamal Peay, Phillip Murensky, and Stanley Francois.
The High Country Conference on Respiratory Care is annually sponsored by the Northwest Area Health Education Center (Northwest AHEC). Each year, the organization brings together respiratory therapists, students and other health care professionals for a two-day conference that gives them an opportunity to learn more about their industry’s emerging technologies, network, explore various exhibits and enjoy the Gladiator competition. To learn more, visit