Brand Study Update, Survey Coming Soon!

CPCC recently hired Candescence, a local firm, to research and consult on the college’s branding and marketing strategies. This research will gather information from CPCC students, faculty, staff, community members, community leaders, donors and alumni. Recognizing the college communicates with many audiences, the purpose of the brand study is to help the college in clarifying and communicating our brand through a new marketing and communication strategy. We are looking for information such as how strong our brand is; what is our brand loyalty; what do our potential students and community need or want to know about us; what are our key attributes; what are the communication/marketing preferences of our prospective students; etc. 

This process started in January with a research and discovery phase. This included an overall scan of CPCC, regional peers, cultural trends, higher education trends and Generation Y and Z information-consumption patterns. A brand audit was conducted to benchmark brands of CPCC and other colleges, and their key brand messages. There was also a communications audit of competitor and aspirant institutions of higher education. In addition, we wrapped up stakeholder interviews (45-minute one-on-one interviews with CPCC leadership, donors and board members) and are in the process of finishing qualitative “influencer” studies within the following groups: high school guidance counselors, teachers and principals and parents; donors; and workforce development partners. 

The next phase of the research kicked off this week with formative focus groups. We have focus groups for CPCC faculty, community members/business leaders and students. These focus groups are approximately two hours in length and will take place over the next two weeks. In the coming weeks, we will be conducting a survey with CPCC faculty, staff and students as well as community partners, parents and potential students. We look forward to receiving your feedback in the survey.

 We will keep you updated on the progress with the study and ultimately share our new marketing and communication strategy.