Friends & Family Spotlight: New Additions

We have had the great pleasure of selling over 200 art pieces within the first two weeks of the Friends & Family Market in Ross Gallery II. While we are extremely thankful that the community has supported this fundraiser, we know we have about a month to go, so we called in some reinforcements to fill our empty shelves. See our new additions to the market below.

The Market runs through December 18, open weekdays 9-5 p.m. and Saturdays 12-6 p.m.

Powder Studio
Artist Statement: Nathan Tucker and Stephen James design and manufacture hand cast porcelain and custom lighting fixtures in their studio in NoDa. “Every piece that leaves our studio has its own personality – size, shape, texture, color. No two pieces are ever exactly the same, and that’s what we love about it.”
Connection to CPCC: We are huge fans of CPCC’s contributions to Charlotte’s local art scene.
Donation to: Claybodies

Aaron Cote
Artist Statement: Drawings from an exploratory posture, typically investigating the intersection(s) of the built and natural environments.
Connection to CPCC: CPCC has some of the most interesting and progressive programming in town and I enjoy attending exhibitions and events.
Donation to: Visual Arts Club

Emily Runge Bast
Artist Statement: These gouache paintings represent my passion for imagination.
Connection to CPCC: Fan of the CPCC Arts Community!
Donation to: Visual Arts Club