Advising Session Workshops

Though advising is not required at CPCC, students who advise in with someone in the CEEET department have a fat higher chance of successfully meeting their goals and completing their degrees. Even if you have already signed up for classes for Spring semester, you can benefit from advising, especially if you plan to graduate soon or transfer to UNCC any time in the next few years. We can help you plan your entire time in our program at CPCC until your graduation date! We will be holding advising multiple advising sessions over the next two weeks.

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If you cannot make it to these sessions, there’s still help available as always from our Full-time staff and advisors listed on our Faculty and Staff page. Simply drop by their office hours or email to set up an appointment with them.


February 2018

There’s lots of opportunities for jobs and college transfer information on campus this semester. Check them out below:

Graduation Application Deadline March 1st:

The deadline to apply for graduation in Spring2018 is March 1st 2018. You must apply for Graduation through mycollege (see image below). Select “Graduation Application”  Then select the degree or certificate you wish to apply for.  In about a month the Graduation office will send you an email with more information and you must reply to that email with the information they request.  Otherwise you won’t graduate.

Select "Graduation Application" in mycollege

BACE Internship ( )

Are you proficient in SOLID WORKS?  Have you taken AutoCAD? Do you have a Mechanical or Electrical background with an understanding of Mechanical Manufacture?

BACE is hiring a PAID, Part-time (18 hours ) Internship position.   If you are interested in learning more about this or other opportunities you can contact:


CPCC Job Fair :

More than 70 employers have indicated they are hiring Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology students from CPCC. Many will be present Thursday, March 8, 2018, from 11am-2pm at in the Worrell Gym on Central Campus. Best practices are to bring updated copies of your resume that are targeted to the employers you plan to speak with. CPCC students should bring their Student ID to the fair and are welcome to Contact Career Services to schedule an appointment or visit drop-in hours on the Central or Levine campuses: Central – Wed 11am-1pm, CH 122 / Levine – Tue 12-4pm, check-in at the Levine I Student Success Desk

  • Be sure to Dress for Success!
  • Research the list of companies attending the fair and be prepared to ask good questions, such as, “What are you looking for in a successful candidate?”
  •  Not sure what to say? Practice your Elevator Speech as a part of your Career Fair preparation!
  • Attend Job Search Prep Day.  This Thursday, March 1 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. in room 122 Central High, we will be hosting this drop-in event where students can stop by for tips on their spring job search, their resume, and preparation for the Career Fair.
    • While supplies last, students will receive a professional folder and 10 FREE printed copies of their resume for the Career Fair or other job search needs
    • Extended drop-in hours in a computer lab where they can actively work on their resume with career counselors on hand
    • Quick tips for interviewing, job search planning, and making a great first impression will also be available

With fewer than 12 weeks until graduation, students need to launch their job search now.  We hope this event will get them started.

If students cannot attend these drop-ins, they can always make an appointment with a career counselor by calling our offices at 704-330-6433 or e-mailing us at

CPCC Career Fair March 8th 2018

Advising and Registration for Fall 2018 courses.

Priority registration for Fall begins April 20th. Be sure to meet with a faculty advisor in the Engineering Technology Division (NOT Central Advising) before then to plan our classes. You can see the different faculty advisors on our Faculty and Staff page.

October 2017


It’s that time of year again! Be sure to meet up with your faculty advisor (it is recommended that you not go to central advising or any other campus, come to only one of the advisors listed on our Faculty and Staff webpage) to plan and sign up for classes in Summer and Fall 2017.

New Lab Tech

We have a new Lab Technician in the lab. Nick Nalley is a former CPCC student and will be available in the lab during normal daytime hours.

Every Tuesday the Transfer Resource Center (TRC) hosts admissions representatives from four-year colleges and universities as they visit CPCC to talk with prospective transfer students.  View the full calendar of fall 2017 visits.

April 2017


It’s that time of year again! Be sure to meet up with your faculty advisor (it is recommended that you not go to central advising or any other campus, come to only one of the advisors listed on our Faculty and Staff webpage) to plan and sign up for classes in Summer and Fall 2017.

Be sure to check out and use the new powerful advising tool called “Academic Plan” in MyCollege. The video below shows just some of the features available. Before you sign up for classes, be sure to meet with one of our faculty advisors to make sure the classes you’d like to sign up for are going to be the correct ones for your degree program.

Co-Ops, Internships, and Jobs, Oh My!

If you are looking for a Co-op, Internship or a job in the engineering field, we have some available. You can get credit for your degree program through Workplace Learning, and most of these opportunities are paid!  Any student that wants to know more be sure to stop by and visit Eric Easton in the Advanced Technology building (ET department).

Eric Easton, Program Coordinator, Engineering Technology
Advanced Tech Center, Rm 301-B6
Central Campus
Phone Number: 330.2722 x 3181

Study Sessions and One-on-One Help:

Don’t forget that we have two Lab assistants whose sole responsibility is to help students in our program. TAs are available throughout the week for help with Circuits 1, Digital Logic, as well as with Lab Report formatting, math classes up to Calc 2, and even Physics. Check out their schedules here to see when they can meet with you. It is always nice if you email them about a day ahead to make an appointment and make sure they are expecting you .

The show “Shark Tank” will be coming to UNC-Charlotte to look for auditions. Check it out here.

February 2017

There are lots of great things happening this month!

New Lab Techs:

We’d like to welcome our two new lab techs to the program. These guys will be holding study sessions several times a week for classes in the CEEET department. If you need help in Circuits 1 for example, you can either set up an appointment with them to work in the lab individually or come to the study sessions. These sessions are not designed to teach you new material, nor are they designed to answer your homework questions directly, rather to learn. In past semesters when these have been offered students who come to these sessions typically make 1/2 to a full letter grade higher in the class than those who do not show up.

You can see their availability or make an appointment with them here.

Transfer Information:

“Mind Over Math” Workshops
Back by popular demand, Counseling Services will offer a math anxiety workshop, “Mind over Math,” twice this semester. The next one is Tuesday, 2/21/17 at 10 a.m. in the Zeiss Building, Room 1102. This 60-minute workshop is packed with information to help students overcome math avoidance and gain strategies to feel more calm and focused while doing math. It’s helpful for students in any class where mathematics is used: math, science, business, accounting and more.
Here are some quick facts:

  • Mind over Math was designed by counselors specifically for the developmental needs of college students
  • It teaches proven techniques for managing anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to math
  • More than 68% of past Mind over Math participants indicated that their knowledge on the topic following this workshop was either excellent or very good
  • One CPCC math instructor who attended Mind over Math said that the “workshop was very informative…I will share some of the ideas or suggestions with students.”

For questions or further information, email


October 2016

Thinking about a job for Spring or Summer 2017? There are lots of companies in the Charlotte region currently hiring for those times right now! Whether you are looking for an internship or a job in the field of Engineering Technology, visit CPCC’s Workplace Learning website to get started. They have a database of employers who are looking to fill positions, and they can teach you how to conduct your own job search. There’s no time to waste—some companies have already announced their summer internship positions. Contact them now at or (704) 330-6217

In keeping with the theme of jobs, there is a free interview skills workshop October 18th hosted by Workplace Learning.

  • Explore and apply six steps of the job interview process
  • Share and reflect on your experiences through interactive discussion & activities to help you make the most of an interview opportunity
  • Get tips and reminders on how to prepare for an interview and present your BEST self!

Tuesday, Oct. 18th 1-2:30pm, Zeiss 3104 on Central Campus

RSVP (preferred):

Questions about the workshop should be directed to or

April 2016

We are in the final stretch of the semester. There is no better time to take advantage of the guided study sessions offered for the Circuits 1, Circuits 2, and Digital Logic courses. See the schedule for those sessions here. If you are not currently making at least a B in your class, you should be taking advantage of these sessions. If you cannot make it during the times on the schedule, email one of the Lab Assistants to set up a one on one study session.


Advising and Registration are the biggest issues on the agenda for this month. Registration opens starting April 22nd. You are given a particular date based on the number of credits you have taken. Check here to see when you will be allowed to register for classes. You want to make sure you get advising before you sign up for classes so login to MyCollege and see who your advisor is. Email them to make an appointment to discuss what the best courses are for you to take next semester.  Be aware that if you get financial aid and sign up for a class that is not in your program, they will drop you from the class.

If you are unsure of how many credit hours you’ve taken, log in to MyCollege WebAdvisor and check your program evaluation using either the new tool (described below) or the old program evaluation tool.  This is also where you can find out who your advisor is. If you do’nt have an advisor in the ET department, then please contact one of the faculty members on our Faculty and Staff page.

Schedule of Course Offerings:

Based on previous years’ course offerings, we’ve made a spreadsheet to show when courses will likely be offered to help you plan your schedule. Click the image below to be taken to the most updated version of this document.


A Powerful New Tool to Help You Advise and Register for Classes:

CPCC has just released a new tool to help map your entire schedule at CPCC. Simply log in to MyCollege and click “Academic Planning” to access it. Inside this tool you can see your program evaluation,  what courses you’ve already taken, times and sections for upcoming semester classes, access the course catalog, see test scores, see your unofficial transcript, and you can even search and sign up for classes all in the same place. Never before have so many options been as easily accessible for advising and registration. Your future is in your hands, and this tool helps you plan it all out.  Use this to build your schedule before and while you meet with your advisor.




March 2016

Thinking of Transferring to UNCC? 

The TRC team attended a Transfer Symposium last week at UNCC during which the Engineering Department shared with us an exciting opportunity. UNCC’s Engr Dept. is hosting an open house on Friday April 8th for students interested in pursuing Engineering or Engineering Technology degrees at UNCC. The event is from 9:30am-2:00pm on the UNCC campus. There will be an information session followed by an opportunity for students to tour facilities and labs. Visiting students will also get to meet current students and faculty within their perspective programs. Please view the attached flier for additional information and let students know they can register at the link below.


Priority registration for classes starts April 22nd. You should be ready to register for classes as soon as you can to make sure you get into the sections you want. Check the priority registration dates and compare it to your total earned credit hours in your MyCollege to see when your registration date is. If you have yet to do so, please contact your Engineering Technology faculty advisor now. You can check who your academic advisor currently is in MyCollege as well.  If you don’t one of the people on our faculty page as your advisor, then email one of us immediately so we can help you figure out which classes to take next semester. Sign up for classes as soon as you are allowed to. We will begin cancelling classes with low enrollment 2 weeks before the first day of the Fall 2016 semester. Don’t wait to sign up or the class might be cancelled.

Guided Study Sessions

If you are not making at least a B in your current classes, then you should be coming to the free weekly guided study sessions we offer. We have increased the number of guided study sessions for Circuits 1, Circuits 2, and Digital Logic to have a day and night section of each. Here is the current schedule.

Looking for a Job?

If you are in your second year of your degree program, it is often a good time to start looking at positions that are available. You can always visit the NCworks website to search through a career field and job postings at any time to see what skills employers are looking for.

Welcome to the CEEET Newsletter!

Welcome to the new Computer, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering Technology (CEEET) Newsletter.  At least once a month we will use this website to highlight important dates, events, and even introduce you to faculty, past students, and employers looking to hire students from our programs.


The beginning of March might not be the time you normally think about advising, but it is actually “Priority Advising” month. Are you registered to be in the correct program?  The program you *think* you are in?  If not, then you’ll have lots of trouble having financial aid pay for classes (They will only pay for classes in the program you are registered in).  To check, Please log in to MyCollege and check your program evaluation. If you are not enrolled in the correct program, please contact your academic advisor immediately. We recommend that you speak with one of the faculty in the CEEET department for help with this as opposed to Central advising.  You can find the name of your current advisor in MyCollege as well.  Remember to register for classes as soon as you can so the classes will be offered. If you wait until two weeks before classes start to register, then the sections or classes you want might have already been canceled due to low enrollment. Don’t let this happen to you!

Also, every tuesday CPCC holds meeting for students planning to transfer to university. Please be sure to visit one of these “Transfer Tuesday” sessions if you are interested in transferring.

Guided Study Sessions Happen Every Week!

Did you know there are weekly guided study sessions for Circuits 1, Circuits 2 and Digital Logic?  In fact, there’s a day and a night study session for each of those classes. Click here to view the times and places for each study session as well as to see when the Lab Assistants can meet to work with you one-on-one. They will not be lecturing, rather they will help you answer questions you have while doing your homeworks. Come prepared to these sessions with questions you have so they can help you. Of course, simply taking part in these sessions will raise your grade, but some instructors are giving extra credit if you take part in these sessions between exams. Ask your instructor for more information.

Employment Information

The EmployUp event is only two weeks away. It is a great hiring event held in the Grady Cole Center (behind memorial stadium on campus) Thursday March 3rd from 10:30am-3:00pm.  Please prepare for the event by following the tips on this prep sheet for your best chance at a job. You should also watch this video filled with great tips to help you be as professional as possible at this event.