April 2017


It’s that time of year again! Be sure to meet up with your faculty advisor (it is recommended that you not go to central advising or any other campus, come to only one of the advisors listed on our Faculty and Staff webpage) to plan and sign up for classes in Summer and Fall 2017.

Be sure to check out and use the new powerful advising tool called “Academic Plan” in MyCollege. The video below shows just some of the features available. Before you sign up for classes, be sure to meet with one of our faculty advisors to make sure the classes you’d like to sign up for are going to be the correct ones for your degree program.

Co-Ops, Internships, and Jobs, Oh My!

If you are looking for a Co-op, Internship or a job in the engineering field, we have some available. You can get credit for your degree program through Workplace Learning, and most of these opportunities are paid!  Any student that wants to know more be sure to stop by and visit Eric Easton in the Advanced Technology building (ET department).

Eric Easton, Program Coordinator, Engineering Technology
Advanced Tech Center, Rm 301-B6
Central Campus
Phone Number: 330.2722 x 3181

Study Sessions and One-on-One Help:

Don’t forget that we have two Lab assistants whose sole responsibility is to help students in our program. TAs are available throughout the week for help with Circuits 1, Digital Logic, as well as with Lab Report formatting, math classes up to Calc 2, and even Physics. Check out their schedules here to see when they can meet with you. It is always nice if you email them about a day ahead to make an appointment and make sure they are expecting you .

The show “Shark Tank” will be coming to UNC-Charlotte to look for auditions. Check it out here.