Faculty and Staff

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Click on the link to visit our faculty webpages with contact information, links, pictures (so you know what we look like) and to schedule an appointment for office hours. The Advanced Technology Building (ATC) Building on Central Campus at the corner of E. 4th st. and Charlottetowne Ave. When you enter the building, there is an interactive kiosk you can use to see where our labs and offices are.

Part-Time Lab Assistants:

Now Hiring for 2 open positions!!!


Full-time Lab Technician:

We have a new Lab Technician in the lab. Nick Nalley is a former CPCC student and will be available in the lab during normal daytime hours.

Email Address: Nick.Nalley@cpcc.edu



Full-time Instructors and Advisors:

Eric Easton Program Coordinator for the Engineering Technologies Division  Eric assisting in the continuous improvement of the Engineering Technologies Division at CPCC and coordination for Apprenticeship 2000 and Apprenticeship Charlotte.
Office Location: ATC 5105
Phone Number: (704) 330-2722  ext.3181
Email Address: Eric.Easton@cpcc.edu



Carol Davis Instructor for Electrical Engineering Technology. Courses include Circuits 1 ELC-131 and Circuits 2 ELC-133.
Office Location: Advanced Tech Center, 5110 Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6938
Email Address: Carol.Davis@cpcc.edu


CaptureDennis Leak Instructor for Computer Engineering Technology. Courses include Digital Logic ELN-133, Analog Devices 1 ELN-131, Analog Devices 2 ELN-133, Intro to Microprocessors ELN-232, and Microprocessor Systems ELN-233.
Office Location: Advanced Tech Center, 5109, Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6300
Email Address: Dennis.Leak@cpcc.edu

CaptureDave Ross Instructor for Computer, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering Technology. Courses include Circuits 2 ELC-133, Electrical Machines 1 ELC-135, Electrical Machines 2 ELC-136, Electrical Power Systems ELC-231, Advanced Motors and Controls ELC-130.
Office Location: Advanced Tech Center, 3105 Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6215
Email Address: Dave.Ross@cpcc.edu

PictureDr. Adam Harris Chair of and Instructor for Computer, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, Instructor for Engineering Science. Courses include Digital Logic ELN-133 and EGR-212, Circuits 1  ELC-131, DAQ and Controls (LabVIEW) PCI-170,  Intro to Engineering EGR-150
Office Location: Advanced Tech Center, 5111, Central Campus
Phone Number: (704) 330-6773
Email Address: Adam.Harris@cpcc.edu 

Part Time Instructors:

Ivan Dump Instructor for Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechatronics.. Courses include Circuits 1 ELC-131, Circuits 2 ELC-133, and Digital Logic ELN-133.
Email Address: Ivan.Dump@cpcc.edu