Welcome to the CEEET Newsletter!

Welcome to the new Computer, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering Technology (CEEET) Newsletter.  At least once a month we will use this website to highlight important dates, events, and even introduce you to faculty, past students, and employers looking to hire students from our programs.


The beginning of March might not be the time you normally think about advising, but it is actually “Priority Advising” month. Are you registered to be in the correct program?  The program you *think* you are in?  If not, then you’ll have lots of trouble having financial aid pay for classes (They will only pay for classes in the program you are registered in).  To check, Please log in to MyCollege and check your program evaluation. If you are not enrolled in the correct program, please contact your academic advisor immediately. We recommend that you speak with one of the faculty in the CEEET department for help with this as opposed to Central advising.  You can find the name of your current advisor in MyCollege as well.  Remember to register for classes as soon as you can so the classes will be offered. If you wait until two weeks before classes start to register, then the sections or classes you want might have already been canceled due to low enrollment. Don’t let this happen to you!

Also, every tuesday CPCC holds meeting for students planning to transfer to university. Please be sure to visit one of these “Transfer Tuesday” sessions if you are interested in transferring.

Guided Study Sessions Happen Every Week!

Did you know there are weekly guided study sessions for Circuits 1, Circuits 2 and Digital Logic?  In fact, there’s a day and a night study session for each of those classes. Click here to view the times and places for each study session as well as to see when the Lab Assistants can meet to work with you one-on-one. They will not be lecturing, rather they will help you answer questions you have while doing your homeworks. Come prepared to these sessions with questions you have so they can help you. Of course, simply taking part in these sessions will raise your grade, but some instructors are giving extra credit if you take part in these sessions between exams. Ask your instructor for more information.

Employment Information

The EmployUp event is only two weeks away. It is a great hiring event held in the Grady Cole Center (behind memorial stadium on campus) Thursday March 3rd from 10:30am-3:00pm.  Please prepare for the event by following the tips on this prep sheet for your best chance at a job. You should also watch this video filled with great tips to help you be as professional as possible at this event.