Stop by our Student Show at Novant Health

 “Lunch Crowd” by Jac McGinty               “Four Stages”, by Myesha Winston


Featuring work such as Myesha Winston’s “The Four Stages” (shown on the left) and Jac McGinty’s “Lunch Crowd” (shown on the right), our CP Student Show at Novant Health near South Park is a collection of art that showcases many of our students’ hard work and dedication. Many of these pieces are currently on sale, and some are available for purchase at prices under $100, including the two pieces featured above.

This exhibition is open to the public during business hours. The medical center asks those wishing to visit to kindly wear a mask. Bear in mind that some of the artwork is in clinic spaces. The location is easily accessible and located across the street from South Park Mall 6324 Fairview Road, Charlote, NC. 

Written by Scotty Townsend