What I Know for Truth- Feeling Overwhelmed

 Several students have reached out to me this semester stating they feel overwhelmed with school demands and personal life demands.

 Well, here is what I know for Truth-




What to do:



* First, when you begin to feel overwhelmed with life and life tasks take deep breaths.*Next, then I want you to invest in a Calendar/Agenda/Day-Timer (Target has them for $10.00, or create a home-made calendar) which starts at 6:00 or 7:00am and ends at 7:00 or 8:00pm.  I want you to write down everything you are required to do daily (classes you attend, work hours, study hours, appointments, exercise, family obligations, eating, etc….).

*Next, write down the reasons you decided to Attend CPCC Competitive Entry Health Career(s) Program (job security/stability, financial reward, etc…).  Place this reminder list in a place you frequent in order to remind yourself of why you entered the program.

*Next, obtain some index cards (3×5) write out some phrases which help you persevere and encourage you when you feel discouraged.

For Example, “Failure is not an Option”; “I am smart and will complete this program”;

“The Pain of Discipline is Temporary”;  “I will take one day at a time”; “I am strong”; etc…..

*Next, when feeling stressed get up, stretch and breathe in and out slowly.  While doing this tell your brain to relax and calm down. Repeat the phases you created on index cards.  If you have time take a walk, or do some type of rigorous exercise to De-stress do it.

* If you’re having other stress which make you feel overwhelmed (financial, relationship, other demands, etc.) please talk with someone in order to Get Help to find solutions so you can get back to focusing on your Health Career Program. 

And that is What I Know for Truth-