Managing Fear and self-doubt In Order to Increase School Success.

Fear and doubt can bring on much anxiety and stress in a Competitive Health Career Program which can then sabotage school success.   Especially for individuals who have been away from school and decide to reenter school they may encounter the most fear and self-doubt.   Shifting gears from what was to what is can be very challenging.
Suggestions for managing feelings of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and stress:
1.Establish a good support system: family and friends who can encourage you.
2.Practice skills daily-through practice students gain confidence in them self.
3.Review course material daily (15-30 minutes) for each subject/course. Active review of course material helps to gain full understanding of course material which makes it easier to apply on tests and exams.
4.Practice deep breathing and positive visualization often in order to feel more relax.  Visualize performing a skill and or test successfully.  This helps to build confidence which then decreases fear.
5.Create a list of positive phrases which help to block out fear/anxiety and instead build confidence in ability.  Place the phrases where you can see them often (on the mirror in bathroom, in the car, in and on top of a class folder/binder/book, refrigerator, etc…)
Tackle Fear and Self-Doubt today in order to reach your goal.

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