Final Exam Preparation Spring 2015

Final Exam Preparation
Final exams can be very stressful.  In preparation for Final Exams it’s important to remember a few things in order to come out on top:
1. Take time off from work in order to have as much time as possible to prepare.
2. Make arrangements for you children and other responsibilities two weeks prior and during the exam in order to prepare.  For example, barter-ask a friend to watch your children and in exchange you watch their children post exams.
3. Make sure you get detailed information from your instructor(s) about what will be covered on each exam in order to better prepare.
4. Exercise in order to De-stress and have a sense of calmness and clarity.
5. Have family members and friends/peers quiz you.
6. Visualize being in the exam and answering the questions correctly. Visualize a successful outcome.
7. Write yourself notes that encourage you throughout exam week.
8. Ask others to assist you by giving you encouragement as you prepare for exams.
9. Any material you do not understand which will be covered on the exam(s) please get clarity from your instructor(s) or peer(s).
10. Have Confidence in your ability to be Successful.
11. Breathe in and out when you will anxious, or worried as you prepare for your exams-take a time out and do some stretching exercises and resume your studies.

Happy Exam Preparation!!

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