“Determination” #Necessary


Determination is such an important word when trying to accomplishment a goal or anything important to you. When I think about Determination I also think about the words motivation and discipline.  These two words are key in helping to accomplish goals or complete any tasks.   Sometimes life interferes with determination and reaching goals.  We don’t have to stay stuck.  The best thing to do is talk with someone you feel comfortable speaking with about your lack of determination/motivation/discipline.  Ask them to be your support system, or encourager as you move forward in reaching new goal(s).  Seek the support of a professional whose focus is on increasing motivation and determination.  Together create a plan for meeting desired goal(s).
The plan may be detailed or not as detailed:
1.It may involve speaking with family members and gaining their support for your new venture/goal.
2.Creating a schedule and sticking with it.
3.Having tools for maintaining determination/motivation/discipline.
4.Having access to a positive and supportive support system.
Again, things happen in life which affect our motivation and discipline.  We must then make a decision to take back our power in order to accomplish desired goals.  Then, we need to seek out those individuals who can help us reach our goals.
Quote: “Those who seek and then ask for help from others are the most successful.” -Glenda Nnaji

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