As the semester begins one of the most important aspects we normally don’t focus on is Internal Motivation.  It is a necessary component as students prepare for a successful semester.  Most students have enthusiasm and motivation at the beginning of the semester and as the semester progresses begin to lose motivation when the demands of reading, assignments and tests kick-in and not to mention work, family, and other responsibilities.  It can be a challenge to keep the momentum you had at the beginning of the semester going.

The best way to maintain you’re motivation in order to finish with a bang:
1. Have a list of Motivational Quotes, Pictures and Short Phrases in your surroundings as motivational reminders.
2. Know when to take a time out in order to regroup and get back on track.  For example, take a long needed nap, take a night off from work, exercise, etc…
3. Ask your family and friends to be your Cheerleader and have them cheer you on when things get tough and you feel discouraged.
4. Focus on what Strategies for School Success worked in the past and avoid doing things which have not worked.
5. Reward Yourself for little successes.  For example, your favorite Starbucks drink, food, TV show, dinner with family/friends, etc..
6. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.   A future filled with all your desires after successful completion of school.
Keep your Motivation in check so you can finish with a BANG…..

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