Fall 2015-Kicking it off to a Great Start!

The beginning of a new semester can bring so many different feelings such as excitement, anxiety, and stress.

In order to get started with a bang here are some pointers:
1. Go to class. Always take notes.  Review any notes or any information you obtain during class immediately after class, or before going to bed.
2. Rewrite notes, record notes and make study sheets for tests.
3. Do not procrastinate.    Stay organized and use your time wisely.  Make sure you put yourself on a schedule.  Invest in a calendar/planner.  Give everything you have to do an appointment and stay on your schedule.
4. Make sure you schedule time with friends and family by placing it on your schedule (give it an appointment).  Do Not go out with friends or family if you have not completed your coursework.
5. Scheduling everything you have to do helps with creating the balance you need to be a good student.
6. Get to know your instructor: ask questions during and after class. This creates a more positive learning environment for you as a student and shows your instructor you care about your academics.
7. It’s important to do well your first semester.  It’s hard to recover from a low GPA (grade point average).
Quote for the Semester:
“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” Michael Jordan            #dothework       

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