Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries

The mission of the Bill and Patty Gorelick Galleries is to expose the CPCC students and community at all of our campuses to the visual arts. Exhibits rotate from campus to campus to allow the art to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Mr. Gorelick had these words for CPCC students:  “I hope that you will find just one thing in this exhibit (or future exhibits) that you like.  Your interest in something is yours; no one can take that away from you.”


Central Campus

Street Spirits

Paintings by Marvin Espy

Exhibited at the newest Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery

located in the North Classroom Building

Through June 30, 2020

Yellow Lights

Yellow Lights, oil on wood panel, by Marvin Espy

“The city is a place where people, cultures, commerce, and happenings all come together.  In our city streets we eat, drink, dance and sing, but our town squares are also spaces where cultures collide and causes are proclaimed. In exploring the how’s and whys for gathering in our cities, each culture, market, system and cause paints the sky with its own flavor, mood, and spirit.  

In this series I hope to illuminate some of those nuances of energy and mood through the use of dramatic color, gestural mark-making, and my life experiences with the hopes of interpreting what it means to gather in an urban context.”     – Marvin Espy


Cato Campus


Remember, Reflect, Reconcile and Reimagine (R4)

An Artists Collective in contribution to the

Charlotte Remembrance Project and Equal Justice Initiative’s call-to-action


Curated by Eboné M. Lockett, M.S.Ed.

A Red Record, by Stella Park


R4 is a student-led, student-driven, inter-generational multimedia exhibit utilized to narrate the untold story of Willie McDaniel and other past and present injustices that highlight man’s inhumanity to man and to the earth. As the exhibit sheds light on these injustices, the student artists aim not only to remember and reflect on the history of our city, but to reconcile, restore and re-imagine a more just and equitable present and future for our city, state, country and world.

Through December 14, 2020

Location: Cato III, 8120 Grier Road, Charlotte, NC

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Levine Campus

A Joy Forever: Asian Brush Paintings

by Barbara Rizza Mellin

Cherry Blossoms, by Barbara Rizza Mellin

Barbara Rizza Mellin captures the simple elegance of natural objects in Chinese Brush Painting, the real and apparent spontaneity of the process in which a few strokes capture the beauty of a blossom, the fragility of a fallen leaf. Her works combine elements of watercolor paintings and calligraphic line drawings, and, yet, have their own unique look and style. This solo exhibit featuring a collection of blossom and branch paintings, and the tools used create the art, is a modern interpretation of the ancient art of Chinese Brush Painting.

Through December 14, 2020

Location: Levine II, 2800 Campus Ridge Road, Matthews, NC

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Harris Campus


by the ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2018


Founded in 2014 in Charlotte, NC, the ArtPop Street Gallery’s mission promotes local artists’ work and makes art accessible to communities through available media space.

Each year, an ArtPop jury selects just 20 artists to receive over $3 million in ad space to illuminate their art on city billboards, Uptown newsstands, shopping centers, and the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Since its inception, the ArtPop Street Gallery has promoted 112 regional artists from the 12 county greater Charlotte area.

Through Illuminate, Central Piedmont’s Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery partners with the ArtPop Street Gallery’s Class of 2018 in the shared vision of bringing art to students, faculty, and the community. This collective showcase of eclectic pieces created in paint, collage, photography, stoneware, and glass reflects the diversity and depth of Charlotte’s local art. Some of the works are recognizable as those that were lit up over the city, while others are new endeavors. All reflect the aspiration and passion of the artist. 

Participating artists from the ArtPop Street Gallery

Eva Crawford – Randy L. Dean – Cortney Frasier – Gordon C. James – Carmella Jarvi  Katherine Kirchner- Pauline Dove Lamal – Julia Lawing – Monique Luck – Arthur Rogers  Maria Senkel – Hilary Siber – Holly Spruck – Rae Stark  – Stella Hyewon Yang


Through December 18, 2020

Location: Harris II, 3210 CPCC Harris Campus Drive, Charlotte, NC

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Harper Campus

Selected works from the private collection of Bill and the late Patty Gorelick

Through July 31, 2020

Laszio Lukasci, Bronzed Curves, 2007; Laminated, Polished Glass, from the Collection of Bill and the late Patty Gorelick

This eclectic array of dazzling glass, ceramic and wood pieces exhibited at the Harper IV gallery location comes to Central Piedmont through the generosity of Bill and the late Patty Gorelick. The stunning gallery space offers mediums and themes that reflect tranquility, excitement, diversity, and harmony.


Also on exhibit at Harper Campus:


by artist Tom Stanley

Tom Stanley’s series are often hung as a frieze even as he works on groups of paintings. Size, imagery, color, and format for each series is distinct and help to create a visual theme within the group of related works.

The architectural realities of the Bill and Patty Gorelick Gallery at the Central Piedmont Harper Campus lend themselves well to a frieze-like installation. As a result, three of Stanley’s series are on exhibit now through July 2020. Each series will include six to eight works of acrylic on canvas.

Drawing with paint, Stanley uses common graphic strategies, such as mechanical drawing, silhouette, and sgraffito to make something he has never seen before. His works are a conversation between hands and eyes.

Through December 18, 2020

Location: Harper IV, 315 W. Hebron Street, Charlotte, NC

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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