Spring 2020 Music Department Concerts and Events

Click on the drop-down menu under “CPCC Music Performances” for a list of Music Department Concerts and Events for the Spring 2020 Semester.

“Concerts” are just that — formal gatherings where you’re supposed to turn off your electronic communication devices, be quiet, and pay attention.  If, say a good number of the concerts fall under an umbrella category (like those taking place during Sensoria Week) they are accessed by a special link.

“Events” are a bit different: once in a while, the entire music department (students, staff, and teachers) meets, usually in Bryant Hall, to make sure we’re all on the same page.


About Chris Meister

Christopher Meister holds a Bachelor’s of Music in Piano Performance as well as a Masters and Ph.D. in Music Composition. In 1984 he orchestrated the "Brescia" version of Madame Butterfly for the Opera Theatre of St. Louis and in 1986 was a nominee for the Lili Boulanger Memorial Award in Music Composition. He read an original paper “Towards a Correlation of Tonal Structure and Figural Behavior in the ‘Introduction’ to The Rite of Spring” at the New Hampshire Composers’ Conference (NHCC) in 1987; two years later his string quartet was chosen to be read through at the NHCC, and it was subsequently performed by the Apollo Quartet when they toured Ohio, Illinois and Missouri in 1991. His piano sonata was performed at the national convention of the Society of Composers International in 1992; and his paper “Convergence as a Mode of Musical Organization: Comparing Varése’s Hyperprism with Penderecki’s Polymorphia” appears online in the music theory journal ex tempore, volume VII/1 (1995). Currently, Mr. Meister teaches class piano, music theory, and music appreciation at CPCC. He lives in Union county with his wife and daughter, both of whom have performed at Carnegie Hall. He is itching for his turn.
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