You Want Concerts…? We’ll Show You Concerts

There are a number of concerts happening at CPCC in October…

Th Oct 5                                  1230pm Bryant Student       Mid-Term Applied Recital 1

T Oct 10                                  1230pm Bryant Student       Mid-Term Applied Recital 2

Su Oct 15                                3pm  Tate Hall                      Connor Chamber Series 1

W Oct 18                                730pm Halton                        Charlotte Symphony Orchestra on Campus

Th Oct 19                              1230pm Bryant Hall             Two Piano Recital by Roxanne Holt & Nia Williams

Th Oct 26                             1230pm Tate Hall                  Bechtler on Campus

Join us…



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CPCC Applied Music Student Mid-Term Recitals

Please join the Music Department on Thursday Oct 5th and Tuesday October 10 2017  at 1230pm in Bryant Hall for the CPCC Applied Music Student Mid-Term Recitals.

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The “Stage Door”

The “Stage Door” is no different than the “Classroom Door” 

Fundamentals of Music (MUS111) students take “Center Stage” in their first Major Music Exam during the 3rd week of September.  Dr. Tom Moncrief, Department of Music part-time music faculty member wore his concert tuxedo to illustrate how similar the “performance” in the classroom was to the “performance” in the Concert Hall.  The word “performance” is used in many contexts, such as a student’s’ “performance” in the class and a musician’s “performance” in concert.  This use of the same word is deliberate, because one must take the same attitudes and work ethics for maximum achievement in both.   

When learners can directly relate experiences/learning from one discipline to the next, their cognitive thinking skills increase and we are able to solve problems faster.  When one applies this direct relationship to anything that is presented in front of them, they will soon reap the “ovations” for their accomplishment.  As a student, Moncrief performed at a very high level in music courses and struggled in disciplines outside music (Science and Math).  However, a revelation came to him that because of his strength in music, he was approaching the music courses differently than the core academic courses.  When he was able to approach the “classroom door” with the same attitudes and discipline as the “stage door,” success in all areas began to come readily available.

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Thanks to UNCC Dance and Music Departments

Many thanks to the faculty of the UNCC Dance and Music Departments for inviting CPCC music and dance majors to attend their Fall Dance concert featuring new works by several local composers including UNCC faculty John Allemeier, Winthrop faculty Mark Lewis, and CPCC faculty Craig Bove. The CPCC music and dance department faculty and students greatly appreciate the opportunity.

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Bechtler on Campus

Please join the CPCC Music Department this Thursday, September 7th at 1230pm in Tate Hall to welcome the return of Bechtler on Campus. Tanja Bechtler leads the discussion of  music and historical context and its relevance to CPCC’s music appreciation courses with music performed by the Bechtler Ensemble.

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Music Majors’ Meeting

All CPCC Music Majors – please attend this Thursday’s music majors’ meeting, 8/31/17 at 1230pm in Sloan 101. The meeting will provide information on the music major, updates to the program, and much more…

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Mary Lou Paschal Celebratory Concert

The CPCC Music Department presents the Mary Lou Paschal Celebratory Concert on August 27, 2017 at 2:30 pm in the Halton Theater. Mary Lou Paschal was a part of the CPCC music department for nearly 50 years as an instructor, Division Director, and student. Her friends, students, family and colleagues will celebrate her life with a varied program of music from Renaissance to Jazz. The concert is free and open to the public with a reception to follow.


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It’s never too early…

It’s never too early to plan your Fall CPCC Music Department concert going calendar. Please go to our Fall 2017 Concert and Events guide to find out more about our fall concert schedule.

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CPCC Community Chorus

CPCC Community Chorus celebrates its 40 anniversary with our Spring Show and Classic Car Exhibition on June 1 and 2 at 8:00pm each night at the Cove Church, Exit 31, Mooresville, NC. Tickets are $10.00 per person per night. The show, “You Must Remember This” will have you singing along with songs from our past shows such as Hello Dolly, Zion’s Walls, Rag Time, The Big Beat, The Beatles, Route 66 and more. Come early to enjoy the collection of Classic Cars including Mustangs and Corvettes. For more information call 704-896-9999

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Carolina Pro Musica Featured in Early Music America

  Carolina Pro Musica members are featured in this month’s Early Music America periodical including CPCC faculty member Holly Wright Maurer (gamba), Karen Hite Jacob (harpsichord), Rebecca Miller Saunders (soprano), Carl DuPont (bass-baritone), and Edward Ferrell (transverse flute) in concert at Charlotte’s Sharon Presbyterian Church. (Photo by Perry Tannenbaum). Full article
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