The Music Degree (AFA) Program

Required Courses for the degree
Theory 1* MUS121 and MUS125
Theory 2
  MUS122  and MUS126
Theory 3
   MUS221  and MUS225
Theory 4
   MUS222 and MUS226

Piano 1   MUS151P
Piano 2
Piano 3 
Piano 4

(Piano 3 & 4 are strongly suggested for students intending to transfer)

Applied Music 1****  MUS161
Applied Music 2
Applied Music 3
Applied Music 4

Performing Ensemble 1 MUS141 sequence, MUS131 sequence, MUS135 sequence, MUS173 sequence, MUS253
(One semester of chorus is required)
Performing Ensemble 2
Performing Ensemble 3
Performing Ensemble 4**

Music History 1 MUS271
Music History 2 MUS272

Performing Opportunities*****
Chorus MUS131
Baroque Music Concert MUS141B
Early Music Ensemble
Jazz Vocal                        MUS151J
Jazz Improv
Jazz Big Band
Opera Theater – Opera Theater Course Information MUS173

Piano Ensemble MUS141P
Recorder Ensemble MUS141R
Introduction to Early Music Performance MUS141C

Music Elective Courses**
Jazz History MUS112
Jazz Improv MUS135
Jazz Vocal
Jazz Big Band
Music Composition MUS123
Class Guitar MUS151G
Piano Pedagogy MUS265
Class Voice MUS151V
Vocal Repertoire MUS151L
Instrumental Repertoire MUS151I
Piano Repertoire MUS151X
Diction MUS151V
Music Appreciation*** MUS110

Corporate & Continuing Education Classes
Audio Engineering AAC8002
Harp Classes
CCE Piano Course AAC8018
CCE Choral Ensembles AVO8722
Please go to the CCE webpage for more information on registration for these courses

Listening to a wide variety of music is an essential part of music education…and it’s fun! The department sponsors free concerts, recitals and lectures all year long! Semesters begin with performances by faculty, former students and professional musicians. At the end of the semester all ensembles perform. Some weeks have two to four events at a variety of times so students can attend! The Student Class Recital offers public performance opportunities for students enrolled in Piano, Guitar and Voice. The Student Honors Recital showcases music majors performing pieces they have studied. Many events are Thursdays at 12:30 in Bryant Hall. We encourage students to arrange their class and work schedules to free-up this important hour, both to hear the music and to participate in the life and community of the department.


* MUS111 (Fundamentals of Music) may be a prerequisite for students with little or no classroom theory background. MUS151P is also taken with this course.
** Please see current schedule for ensembles & music electives currently offered.
*** Fulfills humanities requirement.
**** (Audition Required) Please see music faculty regarding appropriate choices for audition material. Some student may be asked to complete one semester of non-credit Applied Study privately before registering for 2 credit Applied Study.
***** Off-campus performing opportunies approved by the CPCC Consortium Agreement may qualify as an ensemble that fulfills the degree requirements.

Placement exams are used by the music department to determine placement into Theory 1 or Fundamentals of Music, as well as level of piano study required. Please consult the current CPCC catalog or an adviser regarding the general education courses required to complete either degree program. Please consult with a full time music faculty member with questions that you may have regarding the music degree program.