The Key to Getting Good Grades – “Active Studying for School Success”

The Key to Getting Good Grades – “Active Studying for School Success”
Wondering how to get the grades you want and deserve.  Are you trying to figure out how to obtain better grades?
Do you currently find yourself cramming for Tests?
There’s a strategy students can implement in order to have improved test grades-
It’s called Active Studying.
Active Study Includes:
Time Management
Study every course, or class you attend daily. Take 15-30 minutes per day to review any information exposed to during the class  you attended.  For example if you have biology class on Monday and Wednesday study any notes, Power Points, information
highlighted in your chapter preferably right after class, or before going to sleep.  The next day you will study/review the material again before going to bed.  On Wednesday, study any Wednesday notes, Power Points, etc.. along with Monday’s notes.  It’s important to review any notes from each class daily or every other day.  Review of the course material daily increases comprehension which helps to increase test scores. Studying daily also helps to place information in long term memory in order to be retrieved at a later time. The more you review or expose yourself to the course material this increases understanding of the material which can be applied on tests.
So along with all the other things you have to do in any given day set aside time daily to study all course material exposed to.  Give everything an appointment in your calendar/day planner and follow it-stick to your schedule. This requires discipline, but you can do it

Try this technique for studying and see how your grades improve. 

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