Spring Semester- Getting off to a Great Start

A New Semester brings on many feelings to include excitement, anxiety and stress.    It’s important to understand these are normal feelings.  The feelings are more manageable when a plan for success is established.  In order to decrease stress and anxiety which comes with a new semester do the following:

Get Organized.

1. Create a Calendar or Schedule which list everything which needs to be completed/accomplished.  In the calendar or schedule list all assignments, tests, and other responsibilities such as work schedule and home.  Sticking to a schedule helps to decrease stress and anxiety.  It also allows you the opportunity to see your accomplishments and how well you manage her time.

2. Ask for Help.  If you need help with your children, the house work, errands, assignments and finances seek out those individuals or groups who can assist.   There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.  The most successful people ask for help.

So go and take on the semester with a bang!



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