Stress Management


Stress Management

Most of our Stress results from over commitment and lack of Organization/Time Management 

Stress Warning Signs

  • Changes in eating patterns.                             *Changes in sleep patterns
  • More frequent headaches.                               *Taking longer to fall asleep  
  • Shorter temper than normal for you.               *Waking up tired and not well rested
  • Recurring colds and minor illness.
  • Frequent muscle ache and/or tightness.
  • More disorganized than normal for you.
  • Increased difficulty in task completion.
  • A greater sense of persistent time pressure.
  • Increased generalized frustration and anger.

What to do….

Give away/reduce some of your responsibilities when possible

Believe in your ability to do well and be successful

Remember Preparation is the keep to stress management and a success outcome.

Create a schedule/routine-Stick to it

Exercise to decrease stress (regularly)-yoga and meditation are wonderful for stress reduction

Deep breathing

Minimize Caffeine (decreases anxiety/stress)

Eat Healthy

Take time out to laugh/ Do things you enjoy

Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night (helps with focus and confidence)

Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

Express Feelings in a clear and direct manner (example: “I feel angry when you….”)

End Negative Self-Talk and Increase Provide Self-Talk

Engage and get support from friends/family that are positive or have similar goals

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