Central Piedmont Instructor is Changing the Face of Healthcare

Dr. Anne McIntosh wearing “The Communicator” mask

During this time where being solution-oriented is paramount, Central Piedmont instructor Dr. Anne McIntosh’s ingenuity has changed the face of healthcare. As Founder & CEO of Safe’N’Clear, Inc., Dr. McIntosh designed “The Communicator mask” a medical facemask with a clear panel to allow facial expressions and lip-reading for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to be communicated while protecting both patient and healthcare workers. Inspiration for the mask stemmed from Dr. McIntosh’s own birthing experience, and her inspiration was met with a unique, and extensive set of skills as a Central Piedmont Communication professor.

While 93 percent of the meaning of communication stems from non-verbal cues, this is especially important amongst deaf and hard-of-hearing patients who rely on facial expressions and lip reading during conversation. The Communicator mask enables speech to be less muffled, decreases communication breakdowns, and improves patient outcomes. Manufactured in the United States, the mask is being used by American Sign Language interpreters to help ensure their own personal safety while still providing effective interpretation and communication to their patients.

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