A Note from a Charlotte Community Member

chris fixing battery

Chris fixing the car battery

“This past Friday night, my car broke down at a Wendy’s in Charlotte.  And, not in a nice comfy parking spot, but right in the middle of the parking lot – wedged up beside of a curb – making it difficult to move.  I sat there for an hour waiting for AAA.  I had to constantly wave irritated people around my car and apologize.  AAA showed up with jumper cables that did not work. So, I waited another hour and a half for the AAA tow truck which did not appear. As I was sitting there frustrated, upset and sad, I started questioning humanity as many passed and only two people had asked if they could help.  A simple jump did not work.  And then a wonderful thing happened.

That wonderful thing was a young gentleman named Dalton Hines who said he was a student at Central Piedmont studying in your automotive technology program.  When I explained the battery acid had made my terminal connection toast, he volunteered to change it right there.  He drove me to the closeby Auto Zone.  I purchased the supplies and we went back to my sad, stranded vehicle.  Mr. Dalton used his knowledge to bring my car back to life. He was determined to help and to have my car back in running condition.

Mr. Dalton Hines was not required to stop and help.  He could have just driven by like many had already done before. Not only did he stop, but without hesitation, he saved my evening and reaffirmed that good still exists in the world.

He is a benefit to your school and to our community.  He is using his education to help not only himself but others.  If there is any way that scholarship monies could rain down on this young man, I am sure he will do wonderous things with his education.”

– A Charlotte resident