Want to Learn a New Language?

CPCC Libraries now offers Mango Languages for free, easy and fun foreign language learning.

Mango is free of charge to all CPCC students, faculty and staff and is the easiest and most effective way to learn to speak a foreign language.  Mango is available in two versions:

Mango Basic:

Perfect for a foreign language beginner, Mango Basic teaches everyday greetings, gratitudes, goodbyes and helpful phrases in a short period of time.  The courses, which require only two to five hours of time to complete, are currently available in 34 foreign languages and 15 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.

Mango Complete:

Mango Complete offers a 100-lesson course that digs much deeper and is designed to provide a more complete understanding of the entire language and culture. It is available in 31 foreign language and 14 ESL courses. Foreign language courses include Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  ESL courses include Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

To learn more about Mango and get a short preview of what the program has to offer, you can visit the company’s website at www.mangolanguages.com.  Even better, you can access Mango directly by clicking here!

You can view all the supported Mango Basic languages and ESL courses here: http://mangolanguages.com/mangobasic/languages/.

Please note that all first time users will have to create an account with Mango by providing a valid email address and a password of your choosing.