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SAGE Journals is CPCC Library’s newest research resource for students. This extensive database contains more than 1000 journals spanning the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology, and Medicine. The high quality resources that SAGE provides access to can really make a difference in your research papers!

Check out this resource today to see what it might have to offer you! SAGE Journals may be accessed here or from the Research Resources section of the library website.

If you have any questions about the use of this database, please feel free to contact Doug Short.

April 17, 2017

Free Film Screening: 13th

April 7, 2017

Library Sponsored Sensoria Events

CPCC Library is hosting Sensoria programs across campuses:

Author Showcases are taking place at Central and Cato.

  • At Central, Gavin Edwards, “Author of The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing,” will be speaking Monday, April 3, at 11:30 AM in the Library Atrium.
  • At Cato, “Ed Williams, former editorial page editor of the Charlotte Observer, will share his wisdom and wit with CPCC audiences.” He will be speaking Wednesday, April 5, at 9:30 AM in CT024.

Harris and Cato have Edible Book Fests. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to create an “edible book” inspired by a favorite tale, a pun on a famous title or simply in the shape of a book, scroll, or tablet.  All entries will be exhibited, documented, and then eaten!

  • Harris hosts the Edible Book Fest on Monday, April 3, at 5:30 PM.
  • Cato hosts the Edible Book Fest on Wednesday, April 5, at 11:30 AM.

At Harris, the library is presenting a film. Staff will be showing and discussing Girl with a Pearl Earring. It takes place Friday, March 31 at 1 PM, in the Harris Student Life Lounge.

CPCC Library is hosting Book Sales throughout the week. Stock up early on Christmas and birthday presents, or just pick up something interesting to read!

  • Levine, Harper – All week.
  • Cato – Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Central – Wednesday, Thursday

CPCC Library is also participating in World War I Centennial events as part of a grant. On Thursday, April 6, at 9:30 AM at Central Campus, in Tate Hall, there will be, “a program commemorating the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I in 1917. Mecklenburg County played a role in the war as a training camp, Camp Greene, was located in the area to prepare troops before going to Europe.”

At Central, there will be an Architectural Technology exhibit and reception in the Library Atrium on Tuesday, April 4, all day.

There will be a Green Roof reception at the Central library on Wednesday, April 5, to celebrate the new green roof over Pease Auditorium, adjacent to the library.

March 31, 2017

Author’s Showcase with Gavin Edwards

March 29, 2017

Black History Month Event: Crisis in Black Education

February 16, 2017

Love Your Library!

Love Your Library is happening February 14 at all campus libraries! Join us for games, coloring, giveaways, and enter a grand prize drawing!

February 13, 2017

Student Resource Days – Come Get to Know Your Library!

Interested in learning what services your campus library has to offer you? Each campus offers a Student Resource Day that allows students a chance to learn more about how various college departments can assist you with your success as a student. Come visit the library table at your local campus Student Resource Day!

Student Resource Days are as follows:

Harper Campus – January 24

Central Campus – January 25

Merancas Campus – January 26

Levine Campus – February 2

Harris Campus – February 7

Cato Campus – February 8

January 24, 2017

Fine Forgiveness Days

From November 14 to December 12, 2016, the CPCC Libraries will be hosting Fine Forgiveness Days. During this period, fines accrued from overdue items will be forgiven at all campus libraries in exchange for a donation to CPCC’s Single Stop program.


How does fine forgiveness work?

  • For every box or pack of requested items from the list below $4.00 in fines will be waived. Single items will not be accepted. For instance, an individual serving of Lance crackers will not be accepted, however an 8 pack of crackers will be.
  • A maximum of $20 in fines will be waived from any account.
  • Only fines are waived – replacement fees for lost books are not eligible.
  • No credits for future fines will be issued. Fine Forgiveness Days is for existing fines only.

The following items are requested for donation for Fine Forgiveness Days:

  • Microwave Popcorn (Boxes)
  • Hot Cocoa (box of 8 or 12)
  • Apple Juice (box of 8 or 12)
  • Water (6 or 24 pack)
  • Trail Mix or Nuts (Box or individual bags)
  • Granola Bars, Fruit Bars, Breakfast Bars (box of 6)
  • Oatmeal (Instant, box of 12), Lance Crackers (8 pack)
  • Tissues (pocket pack 8 individually wrapped)

Donations will be accepted even if you don’t have fines!

November 9, 2016

National Archives Month, Week 4 – Dr. Tony Zeiss

The last installment of our Archives Month celebration posts honors CPCC President, Dr. Paul Anthony Zeiss.


Twenty-four years ago, at a time when the College needed to focus on carving a new path, the CPCC Board of Trustees announced its decision for the new College president. Dr. Paul Anthony (Tony) Zeiss was the ideal candidate for many reasons; for starters, his dynamic educational background in radio/television, speech education, and community college administration enabled him to focus on the needs of students, staff, faculty and administration simultaneously. In addition, his background combined with his tenacity to “get down to business,” enabled Dr. Zeiss to transform CPCC into a model for community colleges that it is known for today.

Within his first six months, Dr. Zeiss worked with the college administration to implement a series of innovative changes such as the creation of a job placement facility and Academic Learning Facility for students, as well as enacting an affirmative action plan as a way to track job placement rates of minority students. When he first started in the fall of 1992, the College did not have any of these plans in place. What was in place, however, were plans for campus expansion – these plans would not come to fruition until Dr. Zeiss’s arrival. Over the past two decades under Dr. Zeiss’s leadership, Central Piedmont Community College has grown from one campus to six (serving over 70,000 students a year!) and has become recognized as a national leader in Workforce Development and innovative global initiatives.

In 2017, Central Piedmont Community College will welcome its new president, Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer. With her experience, knowledge, and skill-sets as President of College of the Albemarle, we very much look forward to the initiatives that she will put forth and the history she will make as our College’s fourth President. For more information on Dr. Zeiss, please visit the CPCC Homepage: as well as the CPCC Archives. Below are photos showcasing some of Dr. Zeiss’s achievements over the years, Thank you, Dr. Zeiss!


Dr. Zeiss speaking at the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Southwest Campus in 1999. The Southwest Campus was renamed the Harper Campus in 2004.

Dr. Zeiss speaking at the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Southwest Campus in 1999. The Southwest Campus was renamed the Harper Campus in 2004.


Dr. Zeiss during his presentation at the 2001 Fall Conference.

Dr. Zeiss during his presentation to faculty and staff at the 2001 Fall Conference.


From left to right are Dr. Zeiss,

From left to right are Dr. Zeiss, Robert L. Taylor, Bill Disher, and Richard Hagemeyer. This photo was taken during the Taylor Hall Dedication in early 1990s. Taylor Hall now known as the Worrell Building.


Dr. Tony Zeiss and his wife, Beth.

Dr. Tony Zeiss and his wife, Beth, at the Newcomen Society Annual Dinner in 2002.


Levine Technology Center Opening.

Levine Technology Center Opening Ceremony, 2007

October 25, 2016

National Archives Month, Week 3 – History of the Library

Did you know that when Central Piedmont Community College opened in July of 1963, the library was located in the basement of the Central High building? Although this building was used for storage by some departments of CPCC in its beginning years, the growing concern of where to house student resources (library materials in particular) was one of the main drivers of the 10-year master plan initiated by Dr. Hagemeyer and the Board of Trustees in 1964.


AR.0035, Student News Publications Collection: The Prospector – Vol. III, Number III, 1968

Construction of the library began in 1966 and was completed by J.N. Pease and Associates. By 1968, after great coordination efforts put forth by the library director, Miss Phoebe Oplinger, the Learning Resource Center had a new four-story building to call home in the center of campus. Here, students finally had a dedicated space where they could browse the card catalogs or the floors of stacks while searching for the perfect book. Students could even visit the School of Nursing which was located on the fourth floor (this was long before the English department moved in). One thing was for certain, from the very beginning the library was where students and staff alike went to gain knowledge; where their knowledge became power.


                      AR.0036, Photographs and Negatives Collection.

As the years have passed and technology has evolved, the Learning Resource Center has progressed as well. In the 1970s and 1980s, the use of the card catalog was still very important, but access to technologies such as audio and video players, and eventually computers, prompted the creation of media centers and computer labs.


                       AR.0036, Photographs and Negatives Collection.

By 1993, under the leadership of Dr. Zeiss, CPCC began its 10-year master plan which would grow CPCC from one campus into six campuses, as well as satellite campuses. To fulfill the ever-growing student population, the inclusion of library buildings was involved in every step of planning, so as to continuously provide students with the support and resources they need.

Today, all CPCC campus libraries provide resources to over 200,000* patrons each year; an astounding number compared to more than 30 years ago! As student needs continue to evolve in the coming years, the library and CPCC will continuously adapt to fulfill these ever-changing needs. For more information on services and assistance that any campus library can offer, please visit


*this information is taken from the annual gate count compiled by library staff each year.

October 21, 2016

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